The Top Five Free Mobile Games Exclusively for You

It’s not just wishful thinking on the part of the companies selling them; the fact of the matter is that smartphones are booming in popularity. And while there are plenty of ways to get things done on the run, games have provided some of the most amazing sources of mobile innovation. People love a good mobile game. No matter what the game it’s all the better if it’s free.


Top Mobile Games

Whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows Phone 7, or Blackberry, etc. here are the top five free mobile games for you. All of the games mentioned below are conducive to play on the iPhone’s small screen and while on the go.

The iTunes App Store remains the largest mobile marketplace, and a very large part of those are games. Here are the top five free Apple iPhone games. Remember too that the games have to be absolutely free and not a “lite” version.

Trainyard Express

One of the best free iPhone puzzle games on the market. In this mesmerizing puzzler from developer Mat Rix, players lay down tracks to guide trays from their starting points to the stations, sometimes merging with other trains along the way. Trains, starting points, and stations are color-coded. Red trains must end up in red goal stations. A blue train can merge with a red train to become a purple one before it reaches a purple station. As the difficulty increases, the number of trains also increases, as well as the number of objectives in each level. Easy levels take mere seconds to finish, but more difficult ones can take several minutes or more. With 60 levels, Trainyard Express delivers hours of fun.


A great change of pace from sit and stare video games, this geo-location enabled game gets players off the couch and exploring the real world outside. With super music and funny robot characters, Dokobots will have you scouting around your neighborhood trying to “pick up” batteries and abandoned robots by physically getting near the correct spot using GPS and a real world map in the game.

Robot Story

Robot Story has a concise yet amusing back story: Once there was a robot with a dog. Someone stole the dog. Now the robot is enraged and wants to destroy the world by throwing wrenches into spinning gears, grinding them to a halt. The player controls how and when the robot throws wrenches, aiming to get them past obstacles to jam the cogs. Each level is a single-screen puzzle, and the obstacles include glass panes, crates, magnets, and active air vents.


Car Game

Jelly Car

Jelly Car gained early popularity among the indie games crowd for its odd appearance and unconventional controls. In the game, you see a wobbly, hand-drawn car that rolls along its way. The goal iss to get the car to a destination. Move the car forward by pressing anywhere on the screen, and control where the car goes by tilting the screen to change the direction of gravity. When obstacles appear, you have to make the car grow larger or smaller to get through or around them.

Tap Tap Revenge 4

Great rhythm game, similar to Guitar Hero. As the music plays, streams of color on the screen carry some kind of marker, which might be rolling marbles or glowing baubles of light. When the markers hit their target, you tap them, and your tapping syncs with the beat. If you have a hard time catching the beat of music, try playing in easy mode–you can even put headphones so you can listen in private.