The Latest Trends in Mobile Technology

Mobile technology and its use worldwide has surpassed even our wildest expectations, and there’s no sign that the industry is slowing down. In fact, the use of mobile phones has soared over the past decade and innovations continue, as well as the development and growth in various technological fronts and the creation of new applications, making mobile technology an essential part of professional as well as personal success. Suddenly we’ve gone from what was once just a vague concept to something we can’t imagine life without.


Tv Mobile Phone

Here we are going to explore some of the most important and prominent recent trends in mobile technology as pertains to the development of devices and the user application front.

Quad Core Processors

  • The Quad core processor is set to become an integral part of the recent range of Android smartphones. With many of the big brand names such as LG, HTC, ZETA, incorporating the Quad core processor into their design it is going to make a huge difference to the smartphone industry.

  • The Quad core processor has excellent qualities in respect to power management. When you are not involved in more power consuming tasks like watching video or playing video games, but instead are doing simple tasks like messaging, searching, or calling, the processor saves more energy by automatically running on low power mode.

Big, High Definition Screens

The use of big and high definition screens paves the way for an experience more like touch pad devices and are becoming a feature in most of the smartphones available. Galaxy Note and LG Optimus are the leaders in high definition big screen devices, and others are quickly following this new trend.

Mobile Commerce and Mobile Transactions

While mobile applications were a social trend at first, there has now been a large increase in the use of applications for business and other transactions like banking and insurance. In the beginning many people didn’t trust these applications to help them do business and avoided using them. Today they are widely accepted and have become extremely popular, and their popularity is growing rapidly.


Professional Applications

Professional Application

Apple is at the forefront in creating applications which are vital for purposes of professionals such as doctors, nurses, chemists, teachers, etc., and they have changed the way we think of using mobile devices in regards to professional purposes.

Application Store

Back when Apple opened its application store for specifically its iOS platform based products, it was a bright and shining new idea, however the concept was just brand specific and it was the only brand. All of this quickly changed with the enormous success of the store. Apple ended up having over 200,000 applications available in its store and their amazing popularity has helped to make its brand image soar ever higher. Thus other companies felt they had to get in on the act too and ended up following Apple’s example. Samsung has launched its own application store, and it appears that this is going to be one of the most important and latest trends in mobile technology which would change the mobile phone industry in many ways.

There are many other recent trends in mobile technology that could be discussed. It seems that something new is being invented every day, and sometimes it’s all we can do to keep up with it. Here we’ve covered some of the latest trends and changes which it’s important to keep abreast of. There simply isn’t room to go over them all, but all users of mobile technology should do their best to keep informed about the newest technologies available, because things are changing at such a rapid rate.

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