The key features and down points of Microsoft Surface

When it comes to the tablets market, you require a sounding name in order to maintain your position as an important player along your competitors. Because Apple had iPad 4 and Google released Nexus 10, Microsoft had to come with an original idea; that is how they placed the name Microsoft Surface. The marketers and engineers under Bill Gate’s surveillance took a good time to analyze the success of the competitors and created a flagship brand for Windows 8.


Microsoft Surface

Elements of design

The Microsoft Surface tablet is totally distinct from other tablets, this large difference being enforced by the keyboard cover. The tablet features a 10.6 inch widescreen display. From photos it is hard to realize, but once you are picking it up from the table, the following words will come on your lips: “it is thicker than I actually thought”.

The clip-on keyboard enables you to use the tablet as either a laptop or a tablet is can make the user a bit confused. Firstly, it is incredibly light, as if it was made from a very light material like cardboard. Secondly, there is no tactile feedback to benefit from, and also clicking sounds that meant a successful key press are missing. On short words, you will need some time in order to adapt to the writing style of the Microsoft Surface’s keyboard. Letting away the typing for the keyboard, this very same element provides a touchpad with multi-touch features.

However, it is has the same thickness of Apple iPad 4 (9.4 mm thick); the difference is that Microsoft did not want to mask the thickness with smooth edges. The magnesium finish provides a good looking aspect for the exterior of the tablet.

Inside the cover

Below the “cool” finish of the case and the unmistakable keyboard covers, Microsoft Surface holds an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor which, obviously holds the ARM technology, which helps running the Windows RT version of the newly released operating system by Microsoft. On tests, specialists noticed how the processor started struggling with the demands at certain points of stress.


The key features of Microsoft Surface

Fortunately, the support for USB drives and the little hidden SDSX port that allows to connect another 64GB storage device to work together with the 64 GB internal storage is a great plus and a way of saying that you have find one of the best replacements for an iPad 4.

The Microsoft Surface tablet comes with two mounted cameras: the main camera attached on the back of the display offers a resolution of 5 megapixels while the front facing camera is VGA. The rear camera is able to film at 720p in 16:10 mode. On the overall, the performances are low for a modern high-end tablet, the resulting images being a bit grain and close-ups lacking focus.

Final aspects

The Surface tablet makes a good impression when it comes to the modern design. It looks and feels good. Also, the detachable touch cover and the keyboard cover offers great standing support for the tablet, there being no need to find places to prop up the tablet onto walls. On the other hand, it lacked a lot on the multimedia side, as there were great frame rate loses in 1080p video playback. Also, the over-marketed Windows Store needs some maintenance in order to attract software developers.

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