The best 3 additions of Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft is facing some great times as it has just released a new operating system that seems to be successful and appealing for the public. Meanwhile, it is touching the final details of its new productivity suite called generically “The new Office”. The heart of this suite is represented by the expected Office 2013, which comes with a series of improvements and style changes to better fit the Windows 8 desktop environment. Find out what are the best additions to the Office 2013 suite by checking the rest of this article.

Sleek, modern interface design


3 additions of Microsoft Office 2013

In order to keep up with the modern interface style of Windows 8, Microsoft designed a new look for Office 2013 applications. The idea behind the simplistic design is to maintain focus on work instead of distracting the user with various tones and shadows. However, if the feature will really work we won’t find out until we try it out for a prolonged period of time, and see how it blends in with the rest.

One thing is for sure: if you do prefer the more color complex design of previous Office versions, then it isn’t a good idea to upgrade to Office 2013 as you won’t like the new interface design. By keeping the older version you might lack on functionality, but sometimes the look worth’s more than that.

Completely redesigned start screens and SkyDrive integration

For each Office application, the start screen features a different color: blue for word, green for excel, etc. One thing that advanced users will surely like is the fact that the start screen holds together all the options in one place, making them easy to access with only a single click. This way, you can choose to start with an empty document, a recently closed document, a template or you can browse online for new templates.

In the right corner of the start screen users will get the first glance of SkyDrive integration into the office 2013 suite. There will be listed the currently logged in account on SkyDrive. Also, the start screens will provide the option of browsing the account on the cloud service in order to access files. SkyDrive is a great add-on when you want to save your files remotely so you can have anywhere access on them, but still even at this point, most individuals and small companies are saving their files locally on hard disks.

If you are logged with your SkyDrive account when saving a document, the document will be saved directly into the SkyDrive account, but you have the possibility of copying it into the hard disk.


Microsoft Office 2013

Usage of touchscreen features

After the release of the consumer preview of Office 2013, those who tested it immediately noticed the features of the suite that were designed with the idea of being usable by touchscreen devices. For example, the Read Mode in Word application opens the document into reading view so you can swipe horizontally to scroll along. Also, by using the Touch Mode option, the buttons from the top ribbon will depart from each other in order to increase the accuracy and usability of fingers on the display.

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