Technology Updates of the Week 7/16

Reliance Lyf Smartphoneimage (23)

Industry giant, Reliance, has a whole new line of smartphones, Lyf Flame 1, Earth 1, Water 1. (I like the element names!) And has unveiled the Flame 1 this time. This is all a family of budget smartphones which all support 4G LTE bands, Flame 1 is equipped with Dual-SIM support and Lollipop based, Snapdragon processor, packed with 1GB RAM, 8GB inbuilt storage with expandable storage. The camera on this is made quite fancy with face, blink, smile detection and a 5-megapixel camera front and back with flash. Reports say the launch is scheduled for this month. Go Reliance!

Instagram Testing Multiple Account Support

image (24)Our favorite Instagram has decided to join the multiple-account family. The Facebook-owned company has finally made this update available for iOS and Android users and we are more than happy to oblige! Simple setup in settings and adding another account. To make it easier, they show you the profile picture to be able to distinguish which account they are browsing or posting from. This new update is the v7.15. The last update for Instagram was the 3D Touch feature where the users can press hold on a media thumbnail and they can view the image/media without having to go through the “whole commitment” of opening the image. We look forward to newer updates Instagram!

Facebook Messenger and the Hidden Chess Game image (25)

There’s no stopping Facebook and this time, games are involved! Along with calls and chat windows, the new chess game can be played on the personal chat window. If you want to play, all you need to do is enter “@fbchess play” on the window of the person you are chatting with. The game requires the knowing the Standard Algebraic Notation commands; and if you need help, enter the command “@fbchess help” and if you feel like ending the game, type “@fbchess resign”.

The last game “Draw Something” was widely popular and now this game was discovered recently. Facebook has a history of surprises and we ain’t complaining!

Sony A6300 Mirrorless Camera

image (26)Sony loves us. 4K video recording, 8fps live continuous shooting, and a faster Autofocus (AF), with interchangeable lens, 1000 mbps for super high quality, and slow-mo feature at 1080p video at 120 fps, 24-megapixel sensor, and a full magnesium alloy body, dust and moisture resistance.

Phew! Mirrorless camera world is happy and so are we!

 Philips Android Flip Phone?image (27)

Flip phone world was beyond cool! And Philips is coming out with an Android powered Flip phone V800 that runs on Android 5.1. Complete with 2 cameras and 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, expandable with a microSD slot. Now these phones are getting made in China and we just hope they get an update asap so that we can get our hands on it and flip it shut. Just saying.

Galaxy S7 Rumors and Features

image (28)

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have us on the edge of our seats. Constant leaked rumors of dual edge display, waterproof handsets, 3600 mAh battery, 5.5 inch display for Edge and 5.1 for S7, QHD screen resolution, 32GB and 64GB storage options and the best part, a curved screen. Ok, Samsung, out with it already!

Newer Android Wear Updatesimage (29)

Google has decided to make the Smartwatch-wearer happy, built-in speakers, ability to make and take calls on the watch, listening to audio and video via apps, new gestures, flicking your wrist to stream through the card, sending messages with your voice and so many more. Smartwatches sales are expected to increase with all these features and improved performances are awaited, eagerly.

Apple to Open Retail Stores in India

image (30)Apple, around the world seems to be fluctuating in the markets, with slow growth in other countries, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO seems to look forward to making India its home. According to Cook, 4G LTE networks aren’t widely available in the markets and Apple wants to push their products at this opportunity. And India certainly seems to be slowly catching on. Apple retail stores will probably be setup to amp up the sales of iPhones, iMac and iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and other products through third-party resellers in the county. More Apple than we already see? Bring it on!

Stream Movies on The Pirate Bay

image (31)The era of streaming has dawned upon us and The Pirate Bay has joined the trend. One of the most popular torrent websites which is a plugin for Windows and OS X, has decided to officially add the Stream feature which lets users stream the media without having to download it. Multiple users still prefer to download rather as streaming effects the bandwidth but a lot of ‘streamers’ exist and The Pirate Bay claims that this will attract more viewers to the site too. Maybe now it’s time to Pirate Bay and Chill!

Pink iPhone5se!

image (32)Ok, so March seems to be a possible time for this super-unveiling and now, they say that the newer 5se might also be out in a pink shade? I probably just want to see it, but out with it already! Silver, Space Grey and Pink.

4 inch display that we all know, A8 chipset, 8MP camera and 1.2 MP camera, BlueTooth 4.2, NFC Chips, better battery and all that jazz, I say Apple, let’s have it.

Amazon NOW: 2 Hour Delivery

image (33)Amazon is testing out the waters with another app, Amazon Now, that delivers essential household items in 2 hours, and they have started testing this in Bengaluru. The app-only service is available on Google Play, and has initialized by delivering to up to 70 Pincodes but it would not be useful if the app would not recognize the pincode for delivery. Then the customer can determine timings most suitable for delivery.

For this feature, Amazon has tie-ups with retail chains like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, Godrej Nature’s Basket, BPCL, In n Out, Food World, and Good Food. Amazon even offers a 20% cashback on orders above Rs. 250. For now, the delivery is restricted to household items and maybe a few more but the accessibility and range of products are looking to improve in the coming months.

This feature was until now, only restricted to US and for Amazon Prim customers. This feature is sure to be welcomed into our cities and homes soon.

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