Tech Updates for the Week

Make Way for the Oppo R9 


Following its predecessor, R7, the Oppo R9, is a camera-centric smartphone. Rumors and reports fly high with specs expected to be 6 inch Quad, Qualcomm Snapdragon, run on Marshmallow, 3GB or 4GB RAM with 64GB expandable option. Get this, 21 megapixel camera and a 13 megapixel on the front and a 3700 mAh battery with Super VOOC Flash charge technology feature that the company is most proud of. 0-100 in 15 minutes flat is the new top speed these days guys!

iPhone SE and iPad Pro-Release

image (35)

March 21st ladies and gentlemen, the new iPhone is to be called iPhone SE, short for “Special Edition”, priced approximately close to the 5s and feature-wise will have sleeker and slimmer edges and upgrades in the camera, iOS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple Play and NFC features.

Another Apple product that we will see post March is the new iPad Pro, a variant of the previous one, except this one is rumored to be 9.7 inch in size equipped with the Apple Pencil, 4 speakers and Smart Connector whilst definitely more compact than the 12.7 inch sibling, the iPad Pro. Camera upgrades, 4K video recording, anti-glar4e screen, 4GB RAM are some of the expected features. This product is also speculated to bring an end to the manufacturing of all other iPad Mini 2 and first generation iPad Air devices. This is basically to better streamline the Apple products.

Facebook Live Stream

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Facebook Live Stream seems to be a great idea, with the feature rolled out to a few countries and devices at first and is now expanding its area this week. With a lot of media on Facebook, this move seems to be quite popular with the fans as more and more people log in to live video option similar to Twitter’s Periscope.

Review from reports predicts success for Facebook as this might help a lot of people, organizations, companies and events especially when the concept of live updating seems to be so relevant in today’s tech world. Facebook, we hit the Like button this move.

image (37)27K Gold Plated Samsung Galaxy S7

How would you like your Samsung Galaxy S7? Rose Gold, 24K Gold or Platinum? Starting at a price of £1,700, this company, truly exquisite is one you should talk to before you gift her that diamond ring. S7 and S7 Edge are the options for this glamorization, and they arrive packed in a wooden box along with a Gear VR Headset and a wireless charging mat, aside from all the regular accessories. No, no, please do not feel guilty for spending money on gold while the whole world rots in hunger, 5% proceeds from the company go to charity. No sarcasm, only gold.

Titan Smart Watches

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Starting at Rs. 15,995, the Titan Juxt watch is equipped with an OLED display that doesn’t take up the whole dial. Instead, it sits remotely on the bottom of the dial and has the ability to connect to iOS and Android phone users and tracks steps, social media app connectivity and provides call, message alerts promptly. These watches still look stylish with the touch of the old charm dial when compared to the OLED display screens that all swartwatches seem to have grown into today. Juxt is created in collaboration with HP in attempt to enter Titan into the world of wearable technology. Some might say that this is a pretty simple start to the watch giant but hey, looks good, still has the dial charm and is smart. Who can complain?

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Sparkles for HTC Desire

HTC hit a nostalgic note with these 3 models, being fashionable, trendy and being music-oriented was their game! The HTC Desire 825, Desire 630 and the Desire 530, all in sparky speckled shades. The highest model, the HTC Desire 825, packs high-res audio and boom sound with dolby audio along with fancy headset which neither of the other 2 models offer. 5.5 inch display and the basic specs that are not all that amazing with 720p resolution, powered by 32 bit Snapdragon 400 chipset with basic memory options 2GB RAM and 16GB storage but the only good technical feature, Marshmallow.

Similarly, the slightly smaller Desire 630 is a moderate version in the audio department and the machine also isn’t as strong. Lastly, the 530 is the low-end version of the type. These phones have all sparkly speckled backs and the 825 has the most intricate designs and color options. Our prediction: a favorite among school students and smart kids.

HP Elite X3

HP is making a comeback into the smartphone industry with the Elite X3, with the special dock,
image (41)this can power a laptop or a desktop PC. Special? 5.9 inch display Windows handset, Qualcomm 820 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. Doesn’t end here. Well, using a smartphone to fire up the laptop with access to Windows doesn’t seem impossible since the smartphones pack so much power that is rarely even used! All the ads and features that pack the smartest phone is only used a few measly social media apps. Everybody wants the most techie gadget and use it only to take pictures. Phish! Well, now the showcased “businessman” would be happy with this smartphone when in reality, the Elite X3 would be a favorite with the nerd and the techie or the software engineer while people still get amazed at the new iPhone.

card_google - Copy

Google Cardboard VR Viewer

So, what’s the VR fuss all about? A cardboard box that gives a pretty awesome glimpse of the Virtual Reality world? Yes, and Google now sells its $15 Cardboard VR Viewer on its site. It is a head mount for the smartphone that is a step into the world of Virtual Reality. A VR compatible app is used to view videos and there you have it, life-like view. Google is the first to start this future revolution. Thumbs up!

Siri to come to Desktops – Apple

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Apple is looking to give Siri another home in desktops as that is the only Apple device where it does not exist, yet and this is the most inevitable move as the voice command feature that required an integration path has recently been sorted and we would soon be able to welcome the infamous relationship between man and machine to a desktop too.

So, Siri’s introduction to the desktop will mostly include commands, taking reminders, setting appointments and with OS updates will improve to more tasks, as speculated. Soon, we hope to say, “Hey Siri, how about you do all my work for me?”