Synchronize Data Between Windows 8 PC And Android Phone

With the advent of smartphones, tablets and laptops, business users are increasingly looking for ways to sync all their devices together since keeping track of their data in different devices is a hassle. The newly introduced Windows 8 has come as a relief for business users, helping them with desktop file management and synchronization across multiple platforms and devices.

Synchronize user settings between Windows 8 PC and Android smartphone

The prerequisite for syncing Windows 8 PC to any other device including Android smartphones is to create Microsoft User Account. In all previous Windows versions, the account log-on had been hardwired to each device that was used. Windows 8 stands apart in its ability to allow users to link to cloud as well as multiple devices using their Microsoft Account in a simple manner. Here are the steps to sync your user settings in Windows 8 with other devices.

  1. There are two types of accounts in Windows 8- the local account and the Microsoft Account. You have to check the user settings to find out the kind of account you are using. To view the settings, you have to open the Settings charm and then select the option to Change PC Settings available at the bottom corner on the right side.
  2. You are now on the PC Settings app. Choose Users from left-hand menu in order to view details in Your Account at the right side. Your account name and type will be seen here. If it is Microsoft Account you can move on to the 5th step. Else, you have to opt for the ‘Switch To Microsoft Account’ option to create a new Microsoft Account.
  3. In the next step you will be asked to enter email ID for Microsoft account or Windows Live ID along with the password and information for security verification. If email account is not yet created there is option to create a new one under ‘Sign up for a new email address’. You will be also required to verify that your system is a trusted one.
  4. On entering your email ID for Microsoft Account or Windows Live ID, you will return to Settings page where it can be observed that the account has become Microsoft Account. Your account will now automatically sync all your details to the cloud. PC Settings can be edited to change the sync according to your needs.
  5. Finally, you can open the Settings charm again, select the option ‘Change your PC Settings’ again and select ‘Sync your Settings’ given on the left-hand menu. This will sync user settings with an Android device or any other device.

Synchronize files between Windows 8 PC and Android smartphone

Windows 8 performs syncing of files and documents across different devices with the help of the free SkyDrive app through the following steps.

  1. SkyDrive for Windows is already preinstalled in Windows 8 OS and can be accessed from the Start screen. Users of other versions Windows along with mobile and Mac users have to download the suitable SkyDrive app. You can then login using Microsoft Account.
  2. A SkyDrive folder will be automatically created by the app. Any file or document that is kept in this folder will be synced with all your other devices having SkyDrive.

Accessing files not synced with SkyDrive

There is always that occasion when you forget to sync files with SkyDrive and you desperately want to access a file on your PC from your smartphone. The Fetch File feature of SkyDrive comes to the rescue in these cases. The feature provides you access to all the files on the PC including network locations. This is how you fetch any files not in the SkyDrive folder.

  1. Log on to your SkyDrive account ( from a browser in your device
  2. The PCs having SkyDrive for Windows and internet connection will appear listed under PCs. You can choose the PC from which you need the file in order to fetch it. (The SkyDrive apps for Mac and mobile phones are not applicable under Fetch).
  3. The security of your system is ensured by asking you to enter the security pin code. This will already be emailed to you. On entering the pin, you will be allowed access to the files in the remote PC.


Windows 8 now provides the freedom business users yearned for, syncing data across different platforms and different devices from anywhere with ease and security. Right from the user settings to any other files or documents, you can access them all from anywhere, be it your Android smartphone or any other device. You can work with files located in a remote device just as though it is available right in front of you.