Skype Useful Tips & Tricks for Everyone

Skype is a well-known word for people who regularly use messenger and video calling tools every day. If, somebody is not much familiar with this word then the person is not exactly an internet user.

Worldwide, Skype is a very famous messaging and video calling tool, people can use it and communicate with their friends by sitting anywhere in the world. I think no need to say, how people can use this tool. Here, through this article, I am going to provide few tips & tricks which will be surely helpful in making you the superiority while using Skype.

1# Edit/Remove the Sent Message

As we all know, we use this chat messenger for personal and professional both uses.
If, professionally you use this tool for group chat and while chatting you sent the wrong message that you want to change and resend it again?
It is possible, just you need to select the already sent message, right click the mouse and from the context menu choose “Edit Message” menu, the sent message will automatically copy to “Type a message here” text box, change the sent message and re-send it again.

After sending the correct message, you can delete the previously sent message that was wrong. To go so, just select the wrong sent message, right click on it and then choose “Remove Message”.

2# Double click on the caller name to make the call

Instantly, you can contact to the Skype callers by double clicking on the caller name from the contact list. To do so, go to the main Skype window, click on the Tools –> Options –> General Settings and then select the checkbox “When I double-click on a contact start a call”.
But, this process will create problem in opening the IM Window by double clicking on a contact.

3# Hide the Moving Pencil

During chat, you see a moving pencil displays that the other person (who is chatting with you) is typing or deleting something.
Similarly, other person can also see you in a similar manner. Some people like this and some people don’t like this moving pencil. If you don’t want other to see you like this then just hide this features
So, to hide this pencil, open the Skype window, click on the Options –> Tools –> IM & SMS –> IM Settings, click on the “Show Advanced Options” button and then select the check box “Show when I am typing”.

4# Clear your chat history for safety

Sometime, it is really not safe to keep the record of chat history. You can delete the chat history or limit the time of storing the chat history.
To do so, Open the Skype window, click on Options –> Tools –> “IM & SMS –> IM Settings –> Show Advanced Options to reach to the “Clear History”. Also, from “Show Advanced Options” you can choose the time frame for storing your history from the drop down menu.
But, before deleting char history carefully check if anything important you have saved in the chat history, then only delete the chat history.

5# Play/Hide Emoticons

Hidden emoticons –>
There are many people like to use emoticons while messaging. Skype provides many hidden emoticons and smileys that are not present in the emoticons list.
To use those hidden emoticons, you should know the exact keyword that should be compressed within ().
Let’s see some keyword made for particular emoticons,

  • Toivo –> (toivo)
  • Bug –> (bug)
  • Broken heart –> (u)
  • Mail –> (e)/(m)
  • Skype –> (skype)
  • Smoking –> (smoking)/(smoke)/(ci)
  • Poolparty –> (poolparty)
  • Talking –> (talk)
  • Headbang –> (headbang)
  • Drunk –> (drunk)


Hide the Emoticons –>
Similarly, sometimes these animated emoticons irritate and disturb us. If you don’t like these animated emoticons while typing, you can easily hide these emotions. To do so, go to the main Skype window, click on the Tools –> Options –> IM & SMS –> IM appearance and then uncheck the “Show animated emoticons” checkbox. After this setting, your favorite emoticon will display with the chat message without movement.

6# Multiple chat rooms

As per your requirement, you can open multiple chat rooms to chat with more than one person simultaneously. To do so, just go the View menu and click on the “Split Window View”. You will get multiple chat windows that are bit different form the standard view (default view).

Again, you can go back to the standard view (default view) by checking the option “Default view” followed by the View menu.

7# Easy group call/chat

You can create group chat and group call very easily using Skype, you just need to drag & drop contacts from contact list into the currently opened chat window. You can create group chat or call for gossip, debate, ideas, etc.

7# Share your screen

You can also share your desktop screen with you friend with whom you are chatting. You just need to click the ‘+’ sign and then select “Share Screens”.

8# Enable Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys)

Skype provides default keyboard shortcuts (hotkey) for few Skype functions that you can enable easily. These default keyboard shortcuts can be changed as per your convenience.
To do so, go to the main Skype window, click on the Tools –> Options –> Advanced –> “Hotkeys” and then select the check box “Enable keyboard shortcuts” checkbox.


Skype is very user-friendly messenger that everybody know, but there are many people who don’t know how to use major functions of it. So, people who are unfamiliar with all Skype features, read all above tips & tricks will surely helpful when you use Skype next time for chat and video call.

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