Should you upgrade to windows 8? Find out now!

It hasn’t been long since Microsoft released Windows 8 in Asia, under the eyes of a huge public in numbers. For now, it is too soon to say if windows 8 will as successful as windows 7 was, or if it will be the world’s most dominant operating system, as windows XP was for almost a decade. Here’s a comparison list of what windows 8 brought new on the market, and based on that we will conclude on if you, the modern internet user should upgrade.

Windows 8 look and feel

windows 8

windows 8 upgrade import

Many feared about this, and it became reality more or less. The metro interface that everybody is talking about is mostly designed to work on tablets and touchscreen monitors. The interface creates icons under the form of large buttons which can be activated by touching them (or, if you use a computer, by clicking them). The scrollbar is no longer vertical as in all previous windows versions; instead Microsoft came with a horizontal scrolling bar, allowing tablet users to slide the screen easily.

Thankfully, for users of previous Windows versions, who want to keep the original desktop, this can be done with a single click or by pressing the escape key when being inside the main metro page. However, some people will find this as a discomfort; this is why many third parties developed patches which are removing the metro interface, leaving Windows 8 to boot directly into desktop.

Still, the desktop interface hasn’t been left unmodified by Microsoft engineers; this is why now it features a charms bar, which can be brought onto the screen by moving the mouse cursor near the bottom right corner of the screen. The charms bar contains system setting as well as functions like shut down.

The start button is gone

For some it is a total disaster, while for some it is a great innovation. Starting from Windows 8, Microsoft won’t include a start button into the taskbar as we were used in all the previous versions. This has been done, according to Microsoft, because the metro interface is going to replace all the functions that the start button had.

Better performance, lower system requirements

Not many expected it, but it happened. Microsoft released a Windows version that uses less system resources than the previous one. Windows 8 as IT specialists are calling out is supposed to work on any PC that supported Windows 7. Also, the UEFI image integrated into Windows 8 architecture helps the operating system to boot faster. For modern computers, Windows 8 comes with preinstalled generic drivers for most common devices like video cards, network and sound drivers. It also comes with multimedia codecs for the most popular multimedia formats.

windows 8

upgrade your windows 8

The price

If your computer already runs Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, you can download the Windows 8 Pro upgrade package for $39 from Microsoft’s official website. Otherwise, you need to buy the full version system builder which sells on at $99.9.


There are many good things about Windows 8 that really could persuade the user into upgrading, starting with the new usability features and finishing with the low upgrade price. However, on the other hand, the Metro interface might not be tasty for everyone. If you do not have any problem with using the desktop without a start button, and even better, you are using a tablet, then the Windows 8 upgrade is the right thing for you.

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