Shortcut to Change DNS Server in Windows

Do you know, how the web browser retrieves the correct web page when you type the URL (example: in the address bar?
Each URL has its own IP (Internet Protocol – a series of numbers) address identifies the path of the URL or device on the Internet network, for example; “”.
An IP address helps system in communicating with correct device over internet to send and receive the data.

Browser automatically doesn’t identify IP address for billions of devices connected on the Internet. Browser takes the help of Domain Name System (DNS) is a “phone book” of the Web that converts a name like “English Grammar” into the right phone number to call, and converts the URL like “” into the correct IP address to contact (like “”) in order to get the information that you want.
Also, DNS is useful in increasing system privacy, security, Internet speed, etc…, but it is really irritating to always visit to the Internet Settings to access and change the DNS. How good it is, if you get easy to use shortcut to use DNS, only you need to click on the shortcut to change the DNS settings.
To overcome this issue, Nirsoft provides you a small utility. The utility facilitates you to create shortcuts on machine to change the DNS.

QuickSetDNS Utility

Download the Utility “” to the preferred location (desktop) and extract “QuickSetDNS.exe” file from there.

Although, QSDNS is a standalone application, installation is not required to use this utility, only you need to double-click the “QuickSetDNS.exe” file present in the QSDNS folder. QuickSetDNS window opens that displays how your system IP address is connected to Internet, also displays Public DNS servers and the DNS of the router.

To shift to the present Google DNS server, just right click on the “Google Public DNS” option and then click on “Set Active DNS.”

Otherwise, click on the DNS setting and then press the “F2” button to make it live.

Finally, the DNS has been transferred. The new and active DNS server you can use for the Internet.

How to add new DNS server

If, you like to use new DNS servers (e.g. OpenDNS servers), it is very simple to add it into a list. To do so, press “Ctrl + N” to create a new DNS server. The DNS server information dialog box opens, asks you to mention new DNS server Name, DNS server IP Address (,, and click on OK.

Once you have done, activate the new server by pressing “F2”.

How to create single shortcuts to manage DNS settings

You can also create shortcuts that change the DNS immediately via QSDNS command-line options. To do so, open the QSDNS, choose and click on the one of the DNS settings, and from right-click menu copy the settings for that DNS configuration.
Next, go to the desktop and right-click to create a new shortcut.

Next, paste the data that you copied from QSDNS into the shortcut section text box and then press next.

At last, give a name to the shortcut based on the profile you have chosen. Here, I have given the name “Google Public DNS” and click on “Finish”.
Double-click on the shortcut you have created on the desktop, the DNS settings has been changed.


So, now you can easily activate and change the DNS by double clicking the shortcut. Like this, you can make various shortcuts according to your requirement. A very important entity for IP address and when you open URL via browser.

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