Save memories via Facebook New “Save”

On Facebook, we often find numerous interesting things to explore. However, due to busy schedule and lack of time, we often like to save the links and pages for future attention. Facebook’s new feature ‘Save’ comes to the rescue of those pressed for time, by helping save links of news feed and pages of interest.

This feature stores user’s favorite links and pages in an archive for easy access at times of leisure. This new feature is also beneficial in terms of business that impacts how your content shows up in the news feed. Your customers can escape the stress of missing content by using this feature.

This new feature is available on both; web and mobile. Using this feature not only can you save your favorite post; but you can also set a reminder to look at your saved posts.

This feature facilitates you to save,

  • Links
  • Videos
  • Places
  • Music
  • Books
  • TV
  • Events

How to use Facebook “Save” Feature

Let’s now see how we can save things to view later.

Save a particular feed from News Feed page

To save a particular feed, go to the News Feed page, choose a particular feed to save, click on the sign given in the figure below and then select “Save” option.

Save the page

To save a page, go to the left hand side of the navigation bar on Facebook and from Pages select any page that you want to save.

Next, click on the sign as given in the figure below and then select “Save” option.

Save an event

To save a particular event, go to the left hand side of the navigation bar in Facebook and from Events select any event that you want to save.

Next, click on the “Save” button as shown in the figure below,

How to view the things you have saved

To view the saved items, click on “Home” at the top of the Facebook page, then click “Saved” appearing on the left hand side navigation bar.


Once you click on “Saved”, the page will display all saved items that you have saved to view them later.

How to remove things you have saved

To delete permanently all items that you have saved, go to the “Saved” page to view all saved items and then click on the cross (x) sign that is at the right hand side of a particular saved item.

Once you click on the cross (x) sign, a particular item that you want to delete will move to “Archive”. Click on the “Archive” that will display the items that you want to delete.

To delete a particular item permanently, click on the sign (…), next to the Share button. Once you click on the sign (…), the drop-down menu will display “Delete” option. Once you click on “Delete”, a particular item will be deleted permanently.


This is a good feature and a welcome move by Facebook to cater to the busy lifestyle of its growing audience. Facebook has finally made it very simple to save things for later and enjoy exploring them at one’s own convenience.

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