Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs iPhone 6 – Which One is Better?

The battle between Apple and Samsung heats up everytime a new model is introduced. However, Apple has been on top for a while now, but it is far from laying down and accepting its defeat. On the other hand, The Korean manufacturer, Samsung has made its comeback with its latest flagship, the Galaxy S6. So, is it fair to say Samsung is back on form? Let us find out in our review.

Competition Getting Tough

Choosing between the two is becoming difficult than ever, as the phone makers keep trying to outdo each other. Here, we find the two rivals introducing similar products in the market. And Apple has finally come to a conclusion that bigger display is good, and it has come up with two largest Smartphones recently. Samsung, on the other hand, is also not far behind; it has also followed popular demand for Apple Style premium designing as it built the material using glass and metal.


Design Specs

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 does sport unique features such as the slick aesthetic, combined with an incredibly powerful processor, battery life which is excellent, top notch camera experience and powerful display. Similarly, Apple has totally revamped its look for iPhone 6 but at the same time tried to retain its signature Apple elements. There have been improvements in display, camera capabilities and performance as it adds NFC chip for Apple Pay remote payments via the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Sales Forecasts

As per the research report from BusinessKorea, industry sources believe that operating profits are going to come lower than expected for the second quarter of 2015. Initially, the analysts have predicted that Galaxy sales will help in dragging Samsung’s growth back into the black, but as per latest projections, Samsung’s profit has been dropping 24% year over year from Q2 2014, reports BGR. At this particular point, we find, the focus has been now shifted to another model namely Galaxy Note 5 – A phablet that is expected to take design cues from S6 and S6 edge.

The iPhone 6s is not expected to be a major leap over the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So, if Samsung ever were going to fight back to regain its standing in the high-end market, then this could be its best chance.

Processor & Hardware

This is a bit of a chalk and cheese affair. It has been long established that while Samsung and much of the Android Smartphone space lovers to cram the latest multi-core processors (usually Qualcomm) into its devices. Apple does take very different approach. The iPhone giant sticks to its gun with its processor hardware and most recent A8 chip.

Samsung is producing one of its Exynos chips for its device, an Exynos 7420 octa-core with 64-bit architecture and high sped LTE modem.

Storage Capacity

One thing is for sure, Samsung is clearly a winner with regards to storage capacities. The company has opted to provide 32,64 or 128 GB models across the S6 line, Whereas Apple has opted for 16,64 or 128 GB storage options in the IPhone 6 line., the entry level. In simple words, Samsung is going to get more than twice the storage of the entry-level iPhone.

Value Addition 

An addition to Galaxy S6 series has been made,  which would enable them to catch up and face competition with IPhone 6 series, it has introduced its new fingerprint sensor. The new fingerprint sensor in S69 series does work like Apple’s Touch ID- Simply tap your finger to it.


Each iPhone has been exceptional offering superior photography, and it can easily compete with most of the leading mobile brands. The IPhone 6 does feature the same 8 MP iSight sensor with f/2.2 aperture, but Apple has modified for faster autofocus, better low light performance.

The sensors in the Galaxy S6 series are notably larger, both for the front and rear cameras. The front sensor is over three times better at 5MP, and rear sensor is a 16MP. In case, you like taking photos outdoors during the night, the Samsung S6 cameras are much better than the IPhone 6 model.



It does go without saying now, that our phone choices are dictated by the software ecosystem that we like the best: iOS or Android.

I do not think the changes made by Samsung in its S6 series would be enough to make the hardcore IPhone fans to switch. But it has certainly put a  good fight and Apple to win, should improve its hardware, specs and features (such as wireless charging inside) for its is next generation IPhone.

But for all those who are on the fence and do not much care about the OS you tend to use, the Samsung S6 series does have few compelling features which the iPhone lacks, mainly because of a better camera and display which is more appealing.

Samsung efforts are commendable for turning its lackluster S5 into something beautiful with the S6 series. The design has been now taken the centre stage within Samsung.

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