Samsung Galaxy Note ii Can Just Wow You

Back when Samsung came out with the original Galaxy Note it was considered too large and outdated to really sell all that well, but it took off worldwide in 2011 and 2012, due in great part to its productivity features and became extremely profitable for the company. This success, despite its flaws indicated that power users require more productivity features than standard Android and iPhone handsets offer.

In response to this need Samsung has raised the productivity features up to 11 on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The screen is larger; it’s more powerful; and the S Pen now supports a higher amount of pressure sensitivity points. Let’s sum up the changes which have been made:


Samsung Galaxy II

Build and Design

The Samsung Galaxy Note II could very well be the largest mainstream smartphone ever, as indicated by its corner-to-corner screen size.

  • The Note II is taller than the original Galaxy Note due to 0.2 inches of extra display, but it’s also thinner and lighter too.

  • Made almost entirely of plastic, the Note II is built light. The back plate is removable, so users will have access to the battery, SIM card and SD card slots.


Users won’t have any criticism concerning image and video quality which are both
excellent. Contrast and colors are both Super AMOLED specialties and color can
be preset in the settings menu.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note II’s size makes it a great smartphone for video.

  • Due to the large display there are several fantastic onscreen keyboard options, including number rows that must be toggled when dealing with smaller screens.


As of the time it first came out the Samsung Galaxy Note II was the most powerful smartphone available, leaving its competition in the dust and wowing new users of Samsung smartphones. The Galaxy Note II’s processing capabilities are showcased with the pop-up video player which originated with the Galaxy S III, plus the new pop-up browser, which is mini and movable, thus allowing true multitasking.

Battery Life

The Note II has a 3,100mAh unit, which is 20 percent larger than the first Note’s battery, and should provide 24 hours of service between charges with average use.


Samsung Galaxy Apps

OS & Apps

The Galaxy Note II has Android Jelly Bean 4.1, a truly wonderful update. It’s smooth, stable, and has the fantastic Google Now feature and cards. Jelly Bean also gives users a great deal more control as far as power and memory management go, and Samsung has added navigation and input features permitting a lot of room for customization.

  • Of course Samsung’s own apps for sharing and streaming are there, consisting of: AllShare Play (media streaming), S Beam (file sharing via NFC and Wi-Fi direct), Group Cast (group file sharing), and Share Shot (photos taken with attached Galaxy devices that automatically also go to the other connected handsets).

  • S Voice

  • S Voice is also there as a voice-activated assistant, but you may not need it with the superior Google Now included. When it comes to obtaining general information Google Now shines, and it works well with some Google services, such as navigation with Google Maps.

  • S Pen

  • The S Pen is small enough to fit easily inside the Galaxy Note II, but remains big enough that it is convenient to hold and use.

  • It works fine for navigating the Note II and open apps. Wacom technology enables the Note II to sense the S Pen as it hovers near the screen, and a small cursor appears which can be used to navigate webpages and preview email messages.

  • S Note

  • The S Note is Samsung’s creation, a feature loaded note taking application which also permits users to capture, copy and paste content from practically anywhere into S Note and other applications.


  • The 8-megapixel rear facing camera featured on the Samsung Galaxy Note II is really quite amazing. With sharp, clear image quality and various shooting modes.

  • The HDR (high dynamic range) option in Share Shot also creates beautiful pictures by combining photos taken at different exposure levels, making for greater range between the lightest and darkest areas.

  • The Best Face option for group shots can also really come in handy, because it allows users to go back once the group shot is taken and exchange one face for another from the same person. It helps eliminate blinking and awkward looks that can otherwise spoil group photos.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a great smartphone for power users, fast, well-designed and powerful, with lots of great innovative features that will please users.

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