Reasons why your blog earns nothing?

A very common question that arise among bloggers, who are unsuccessful in blogging business, or who are keep on posting blogs without getting desired result.
Blog can be posted in two manners, either through others website or by creating your own website. Some people create a website just because of their interest and fun, but some create form business. People, who create a website for business point of view, definitely expect something from their blog post; some earns good from their blog post, but some nothing, why?

That’s a great question, but can’t be answered without knowing a lot more about the purpose of a website business, but there are some common things on which every blogger should focus.

Reasons why your blog earns nothing…

Begin with a Bad Idea

This is a common mistake that most of the bloggers do. They build their blog around what they trust to be a great idea that is loss from the beginning. For example, if you start blogging by posting bag’s color, I think that won’t be worth and your blog form starting onwards will go down.
As how we know, first impression is a last impression; similarly, whenever you start blogging it is necessary to start with something good, otherwise no one will notice you.

Bad Blog Content

Only posting blog with good topic is not at all enough, inside content should also be good. Your contact should be easily readable and understandable without grammar mistakes, meaningful, and should expose answers of all questions that users exactly like to ask and know. Blog content should exactly belong to the topic heading that you provide and subheading content should also relates to the subheading. Content should be synchronized in correct manner.

No Branding Plan

Blog branding and personal branding is something many popular bloggers take extremely but people don’t talk about it. There are certain things to recall when annoying to earn money from your blog is that people buy from those they know, like and belief.
Blog and personal branding benefits you figure that faith and found that likability. The key to branding your blog is to be very clear about who you are, what you do and how you can benefit your visitors. This way, the minute someone new lands on your site, they can figure out what your deal is in about 8 seconds.

Lack of Business Sense

The last but most important thing has to be noticed for business blogging. Before starting business blogs you should be having very good knowledge of content marketing and online marketing, you should get into this market with full strategy, planning and goal.
Starting blogging business with lack of business sense may bring you down in the market place, so first prepare yourself by understanding online market and its surrounding. If you have plan to open online store; find out which product and services can be beneficial for you and customers.


Building blogs for business point of view needs proper strategy and plan. Also, bloggers have to keep patient because it also take time like other business. Blogger should be having good online business knowledge to take their business into write direction.

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