Reasons why we can’t develop without mobile technology

Since 1947 when AT&T developed the first mobile telephone service, the world featured an incredible boom in mobile technology. Starting from heavy, huge mobile devices that were used to transmit voice signals over large distances, we arrived today at using touch screen smartphones with quad-core processors more powerful than the ones that sent the first man on the moon.


Mobile Technology

The way mobile technology is affecting our life

Studies have shown that more than 85% of the modern teenagers used at least once a smart phone, while a little smaller percent owned their own smart phone. As we can see every day around us and in commercials, gadget shops or on the internet, the technology of smartphones evolves further and further, developing tech masterpieces that can include the same functions as the personal computer at home.

People feel the need to be constantly connected to a flow of information, to keep themselves updates all the time. In order words, we want to know everything is going on around us and around the world, at every second. You couldn’t carry a heavy computer and monitor around you, so that is why the first laptops appeared; portable computers that held almost the same processing power as their older brothers.

Today we can take advantage of high resolution images and video without using expensive recording equipment or DSLR cameras; the mobile technology evolved at such a level that we can now use the phone to do all those for a part of the price of older professional equipment.

Sharing and social networks

People do not only want to gain information, but they also want to share information. The best method of doing this huge share of information is by using social networks. Facebook had over 1 billion active users in October 2012. As you can imagine, the quantity of released and shared information was huge, and a large part of that information under the form of multimedia content (photos, videos, impressions) were uploaded on Facebook’s servers using mobile technology.

Twitter, the other social network giant had 500 million active users in April 2012. On this platform, the level of mobile generated statuses and content is even higher in percentage that the one on Facebook. In other words, we are assisting at a mobile globalization, information becoming the main exchange currency.


Sharing and social networks

Information means advances

We must admit that the mobile technology helped a lot in the advances in technique and other domains done around the world. Information means knowledge, as not only social content is transferred through mobile networking. Also, now that 4G networks are available, large quantities of data will be possible to be transferred using broadband mobile connections. As an example, a researcher at the Vesuvius volcano will be able to transmit the 50GB research data to the MIT facility in Huston in no time.

Factors of risk

Because people feel the need to share more and more information at a time, either by using local or mobile technology, many fall into the trap of social engineering techniques by which hackers persuade them into revealing personal information like credit card numbers, company internal details and so on.

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