Prevent Facebook Content From Being Accessed By Outlook

Outlook has partnered with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Due to this, profile pictures and public names of others will appear on bottom of the mails received by a person if he has connected his Twitter and Facebook accounts to Outlook. Updates of his Facebook friends will also appear on the people pane on the right hand side.

How does Outlook access info from Facebook?

Encrypted email addresses are used by Outlook in order to find Facebook accounts. Outlook accesses public names, updates, profile pictures and other information from Facebook to deliver its services. Facebook’s API is used by Outlook to show updates from the Facebook accounts of friends. Facebook users present on Outlook can send you friend requests too.

When a message is viewed on Outlook Social Connector, it asks information about the people in the To and Cc lines of the message to the social network. This depends on the choices that the social network creators have made in the settings.

Managing Facebook settings

In short, outlook manages to locate a person’s Facebook account based on the email address that has been provided with the account. However, Facebook offers privacy settings which will allow your account to be inaccessible to Outlook (or any other service).

Facebook provides a setting Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided. This setting allows you to control who is allowed to have access to your public Facebook account using phone number or email address which is stored with Facebook. You should also be familiar with the privacy statement. Considering how other connections such as fan pages and networks make your information accessible to others is also important.

Block Facebook account from being accessed by Outlook

The setting, Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided, is used for blocking services like Outlook from finding your public Facebook account. Only the group you have selected will be able to find your account using your contact information like phone number and email address. These are the steps to activate the setting.

  1. First of all, access Facebook privacy settings and tools page.
  2. Log into Facebook (if you have not already).
  3. Next to Who can look me up? you can see the setting Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided. Click on Edit given next to it.
  4. A dropdown menu will appear which allows you to choose who you want to give access to your contact information. Select Friends or Friends of Friends.
  5. Click Close.

In a day or two, the changes in the settings will reflect on Outlook. It has to be noted that changing the settings only makes your account inaccessible for those who want to find it using your contact information through any services like Outlook.

In the case where people have connected their Outlook account to Facebook, they will get the updates and other information seen on their Facebook account in the people pane of their Outlook account. This will include any of your updates or other information like name and profile picture that shows up in their Facebook account.


Outlook can access information such as name, profile picture, updates etc. from a person’s public Facebook account. However, Outlook looks for these accounts only based on the choices you have made on your Facebook account settings. Changing the settings on Facebook to suit your privacy needs is very simple, as shown. Outlook will still allow your updates on Facebook to come up on the people pane of your Friends’ Outlook accounts even if you have changed settings.

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