Top Tips to Enhance iPhone battery life with iOS 7

New iOS 7 is out; Apple is celebrating first big success after Steve Jobs. If I have given authority to consider iPhone timeline, I would say, Apple has two generation, ‘with Steve Jobs and without Steve Jobs’. In the lateral era we got iOS7, for now, it’s dazzling in every next iPhone, iPad and iTouch. While every one is busy downloading, installing flashing pictures, adding media and playing game, perhaps there are very few who have given attention to phone itself. You might argue, why importance to plastic casing, when we have really something worth to enjoy. Well, your iPhone is a human body. If something is not well with a human body, how long it can go with work? Perhaps, you know the answer.


Here in the case of your iPhone, every component is important and worth taken care of. Battery is one of them. In between, downloads, installs and testing most of the phone users’ battery undergoes for a heavy charging and discharging, and every battery has a life time. Also, battery is one of the components, which necessarily need replacement once it gets weaken. So if you love your iPhone, now it’s time to take care for the battery. Once you reviewed all the features of iOS 7, now you know what all your iPhone can do for you. You can set off certain features that automatically run in iOS 7 even when your phone is not in actual use.

Here go preventive steps to take care for iPhone battery-

Say NO to Background App Refresh

The iOS 7 has a feature which permits different apps to refresh automatically when connected on Wi-Fi. Disable background refresh app completely or chose to disable some of them like Location Based i-Aids; you always know where is the best pizza shop near college campus.

Settings > General > Background App Refresh and disable it.

Now under the Location Services pane, scroll down to System Services and turn off Diagnostics & Usage, Location-Based iAds, Popular Near Me, Setting Time Zone, Traffic and Frequent Locations.

Go to Settings > General > Privacy and turn off Location Services

Quit Siri in the background

Siri runs in the background all time. It makes core part of iOS. Do you use it in continuation? Perhaps, you answer is NO. Disable Siri, when not in use.

Go to Settings > General > Siri and turn it off

Quit Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Wi-Fi works near Wi-Fi hot spots. How many times you are either not using it or completely away from it for hours or days. You can turn it off when not in use.

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi

Now for Bluetooth, Go to Settings > Bluetooth

Quit some settings in Notification Center

The notification center uses cellular data to give you latest, news, weather updates, stock quotes and today’s updates etc. Disable some, which are not in your use.

Go to Settings > Notification Center and switch off the settings which is not for you.

Quit Parallax

The parallax effect constantly runs on home screen and lock screen of your iPhone.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion

Quit iCloud Features

iCloud has rich features to keep sync across multiple devices. You need only few of them. Quit some which are not for you.

Go to Settings > iCloud and turn off the features often not in use. You always can change setting when required.

Set Auto-Brightness On

Do not chose for high brightness, indeed set auto brightness on, you will save load of battery during the day or when in complete brightness.

Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and turn Auto-Brightness to on

Quit Recurring Message Notifications

The iOS 7 alerts you twice about a notification if you do not respond first alert.
Go to Settings > Notification Center, Find Messages in the INCLUDE section, tap on Messages, scroll down and tap on Repeat Alerts and set it to Never.

Quit AirDrop When Not In Use

Your Boss is on leave, what is the use of AirDrop, now 😀 Think twice don’t drop your friends and foes!

Swipe up to bring Control Center, tap on AirDrop and then tap Off.