Ninja hacking promises to defeat current security technologies

Ninjas aren’t dead; they simply evolved from the ancient times and changed their working environment. The only difference between the historical ninjas, the fighters, and the modern ninjas, the computer hackers is the clothing. Besides that, hackers found a method of using the old knowledge of espionage and information gathering of the old Japanese masters, to release information under the form of bytes.

How do they do it?


Ninja hacking

Ancient ninjas were trained for years in order to develop a particular set of skills that would help disguise and perfectly blend with the environment, and then gather information about certain designated targets, or to penetrate into buildings, or even to assassinate enemies. Doing a quick comparison with a modern era computer hacker, anyone will notice that this same particular set of skills is used also by hackers in order to perform their activities. To be more exact, modern hackers need to know how to:

  • Be stealth

  • Exploit weak points in protection

  • Gather information

  • Impersonate

  • Plant logic bombs

  • Get out and cover tracks

Because these skills have been practiced for hundreds of years and various techniques have been developed, hackers can now use them, adapting to the current multimedia environment. Security specialists are struggling to keep up with the latest additions in malware attacks and penetration testing. Who are they going to call to protect large corporations from being the target of such ninja attacks?

Ethical hackers vs. BlackHat Hackers

Ethical hackers are the so-called good boys of the hacking world. They are world-wide known security specialists that spend time testing and re-testing a company’s security systems in order to find exploitable weak points and fix them before BlackHat hackers manage to take advantage of those security holes.

BlackHat hackers are usually the ones attacking different computer platforms in order to gain privileged access to secure files and other types of sensitive information. Sometimes their purpose is stated through messages around social platforms, like the Anonymous hacking group which fights for their beliefs regarding human persecution and social disorders. Also, there are hackers which work alone and hack websites and order online platforms in order to steal money or personal data which can be later sold on the black market.

computer hackers

computer hackers

Will the race ever be over?

As security analysts are fighting to find security holes before BlackHat hackers and fix them, the other half of the hacking world is constantly researching on breaking through the layers of protections and being the first to discover new security holes. For now, it is impossible to say that someone will soon be able to develop a security system which is unbreakable, as every system made by humans can’t be done in a pure and perfect manner, leaving space for errors.

Ethical hacker careers

Do you want to become an ethical hacker and learn more about ninja hacking while earning a quite large salary? Many young people that have the ability of understanding how programming and security works are tented to follow this path of ethical hacking, as there is no college degree required in order to work. Also, this is one of the few chances where people can do what they like, and also earn money for doing it.

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