New Year Resolution with File Encryption Technique

All bigger companies have their own IT departments, service contracts, and hardware but smaller companies most of the times depend on consumer software to secure their data but it do not mean that their data is unimportant.

Encryption is a great technology to hide information or keeps valuable data safe. It is really a great technology of data security because always data has to pass through many phases like; transmit over the Internet, data back-up on a server, or go through security check on the Airport, Metro station, and Railway station etc. Encryption makes data completely unreadable to recipients.

In more practical terms, the encryption technology applies a definite routine to data so that it’s no longer recognizable as its original. With the right key, that was determined before encrypting the data and the accompanying routine for decrypting the information, the original data can be recovered.

Without encryption nothing is private. It is just a technology but play very important role for data. Internet is a very dangerous place for data transmition. Encrypted connection with the server is required, otherwise anybody can get it.

The best part of current running software in the marker is its built-in encryption functionality. Usually, user uses this kind of software at offices or at personal computers without knowing their encryption functionality. This article tried to explain, how to get appropriate encryption functionality and how to and where to use it.

Password Encryption Technique

Some rules to secure password protected data; uses of a weak password call hackers to break the encryption and access the file.

Use a strong password that should be at least 10-12 characters long. It can include a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols. Always, longer password secures the data, at least 20 characters or more.

To check the strength of the password, go to “” and run password through Microsoft’s free password checker. Try to use password rated up-to “Strong.”

Internet Traffic Encryption Technique

Wi-Fi network at an airport, railway station, on road, IT department and many more places are unsecure, that’s why, data travels from laptop through that network in unsecure, these data can be very sensitive and hackers can easily get that data. The best thing to use VPN is to protect data that encrypts the outgoing and incoming Internet traffic. It also enables a team of remote employees to handle business securely on the Internet.

A virtual private network generates a secure “tunnel” to a trusted third-party server. Data sent through this tunnel (either to or from your computer) is encrypted, so it’s safe even if catched. Web-based VPNs that charges a small monthly fee but provide very easy access.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Document Encryption Technique

Office 2010 and 2013 package facilitates to encrypt any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document: Click on, File –> Info –> Protect Document button –> Encrypt with Password and give a strong password for sensitive file. Finally, the file will be protected by a strong password so, anyone who wants to access this file will need the password.

PDF Encryption Technique

Like Microsoft Office products, Adobe Acrobat X Pro files can also be encrypted using Tool tab option at the upper right corner of the PDF file. In “Tool Tab” open “Protection” section to click on “Encrypt” button, and then click the option “Encrypt with Password”.

Outlook Encryption Technique

Basically in corporate offices outlook has been used for mailing so, messages that send using outlook is always very sensitive. It has to be encrypted before sending.

Outlook encryption is not password-based, who like to use cryptographic security features in Outlook receives a digital certificate, which serves to automatically encrypt and decrypt messages. Before two users send encrypted messages to each other, they have to share their certificates by sending each other digitally signed messages. It sounds sort of complicated, but the process is actually straightforward, and takes only a few moments.

Follow these steps to encrypt Outlook messages,
After receiving and exchanging digital IDs, users can send an encrypted message by opening the new message window, click on Options –> More Options –> Security Settings, and check the box “Encrypt message contents and attachments”.


Encryption is an older security solution that permits user to create encrypted content and map them into their environments. Encryption secures networks, emails, temporary files, Office Documents, hard drives and many-more. It is considered as one of the most comprehensive solution of security.

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