New Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

When, we think of Google Chrome; the first thing comes in mind – Yes! it is awesome in terms of simplicity, speed and performance. People like Google Chrome very much due to its speedy performance and user-friendly interface, but if anything is excessive that might be harmful too. How, it is useful for some people, similarly; it is not useful for some people (basically web developers and designers) due to its too much simplicity. It’s too much simplicity made many web developers and designers to move into Firefox add-ons.
But now, things have been changed, Google Chrome have become a good competitor of Firefox by providing many awesome extensions that might help web developers and designers in their way.

Let’s see, what all those Google Chrome extensions are, that might boost web developers and designers productivity.

Awesome Google Chrome Extensions

Color Related Extensions


Free, ColorPicker functions same as its name, facilitates you to pick color’s value from anywhere on the web page opened in Google Chrome browser. Moreover, you can see the color changes appear in a particular area of the web page without touching any code; to see these changes just pick a particular area from the web page and select your favorite color palette, the result will be in front of you.

Chrome Palette

Some people face difficulty in finding color scheme from image, Chrome palette has resolved their issue by creating up-to 64 color palettes from website’s image for your design or motivation requirements.

Formatting Related Extensions

Font Editor

A font editor is an extension specifically designed for font style management, allows you to change and notice font setting like size, line height and variant lively.

Google Font Previewer

The name it-self specifies that this extension facilitates you to preview font from Google Font Directory in various style (style, weight and shadows) and if you like the preview of font style, copy that particular font link and the CSS code of that extension and then paste into your website’s code to make use of that font.

Development Related Extensions

Web Developer

This extension provides various web developer tools to a browser for web developers work productivity. It is platform independent and available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.

Firebug Lite

It is different then what it is in Firefox browser, but provides graphical representation similarly like Firefox on HTML elements, DOM elements and Box Model Sharing. It examines the HTML elements with the mouse, and edits the CSS properties too.

Stylesheet Reloader

Reloads CSS stylesheet without affecting entire website, means; it doesn’t reload the entire website with CSS reload process which is really great for web developers. Using this, web developers don’t have to wait for more time in case of slow internet connection.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

This extension is helpful in showing detailed information of all implemented web technology such as frameworks and web standard.

Window Resizer

Check your website’s screen resolution compatibility with standard or user-defined screen resolutions.

HTML Validator

The best HTML validate, validates HTML code manually/automatically presents over the web or localhost. Also, it facilitates you to see the validation result in the web page or in a fresh new tab.

Productivity Related Extensions

Quickrr Productivity Kit

Quickrr Productivity Kit offers you a package of simple yet beneficial tools such as translator, calculator, task-to-do, unit converter, etc.

Ananke Timer

Track and display the time you spent on a particular object or website, also supports multiple time tracking and lets you to browse through what you have tracked in past.

Chrome Page Extended

Nobody wants to waste their time on access clicking to open many pages, Chrome Page Extended extension is a fastest way to access all necessary Chrome page in less time and less clicks.


AppJump is capable in quickly organizing and launching Chrome application from browser toolbar.


Apart from all above extensions, Google Chrome provides many other extensions that are helpful for web designers and developers in increasing their productivity. Web developers and designers work is time taken; Google Chrome extensions provide many shortcut ways that saves their time and increase productivity.

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