MS Power Point 2016 Specifications and Latest Features and Benefits

MS Office added new updates in March 2017 as its new version 1703 to all existing product apps including MS PowerPoint as well. There are a lot of new specifications added in terms of faster operation, fonts style and of course on the user interface to make it even friendlier.

Features like quickstart have added an online research gateway making it even more accurate and easy for the users.

On the other hand, the introduction of Dubai font is giving users more options to express feelings globally. Additionally, the slide recording feature is just adding another cherry to the cake. Let’s unravel the features in more detail.


Powerpoint has introduced this feature in order to create an outline of a presentation. It will use online resources to research on a subject of your interest. It will give the user two slides of information which it will research from the online platform. The first slide will have the key facts on the subject and the second one will show you list of related topics for you to research upon.

Both the slides will only be there for user’s view and will stay hidden while on the presenting mode. It will contain the main title slide and a table of contents that will be present to you based upon your selections. Each subject carries a slide for itself; sometimes you will be provided with additional suggestions present just below the slides as a talking point for easy note making.

The Dubai Fonts

In the new version of MS PowerPoint, office developed a new font family naming ‘Dubai’ with the collaboration with the executive council of Dubai. This new font has a long history associated with it. Microsoft along with the Executive Council of Dubai announced that they would be distributing a new font named ‘dubai’ in the upcoming version.

The team includes the designer Nadine Chahine along with other engineers as well as designers from the Monotype’s London Office. Using the talent of Nadine’s who is excellent in the field of font legibility research the team created a highly readable family of font for reading purpose.

The font contains four styles. Dubai light, Dubai medium, Dubai Bold and Dubai Regular. It supports both the Arabic script as well as the Western European language.

Powerpoint Designer

The new feature of PowerPoint, PowerPoint Designer is a great addition to the list. It automatically generates new design ideas which will improve the visuals of your presentation. It will give you a wide variety of choice to make from the available options thus enables someone to mesmerize the slide with just a click. When the users start putting content on the slide. The designer feature from the background starts working and it generates some layouts which are professionally designed to match the contents.

The PowerPoint Accessibility

This function is the by far the most innovative and helpful in MS office. The main motto of the MS PowerPoint is to create the presentation which is high on visuals and can help in better understanding for people with disability such as visual or hearing challenges. The PowerPoint accessibility feature will make sure that the presentation been created is standing high on the understanding point of view.

These tools will keep in check of the accessibility of the presentation created. If it finds any issues of accessibility having the potential to cause any problem to understand for people with physical challenges, it will list out a bug report along with all the issues. Also, the tool will explain various fixations against the same.

It will give you suggestions on how to use an alternative text along with alternative visuals and tables. Pictures, smart art, clip art, shapes, charts, ink, videos, smart art graphics are some of the visual contents which it will ask to fix. It also checks if the reading order of the presentation is in proper form or not. Also to avoid any difficulties during the presentation it adds proper color techniques for people with vision difficulties. It advises putting an underline in hyperlinks as colourblind people won’t be able to see the font color without it.

Revision Highlighting

This feature informs the user in a visually treating way about the changes; modification happened to the slides by some other user. If your slide is being modified or edited by someone other than you, then all the editing part of your slides will be highlighted in green. If you want to know about more information about the changes and the person associated with it, then you just have to select the slide.

All the edited part of the slides will be boxed up in a green box. The notation there will inform you about the person and the time when the changes take place. After you notice the information about modification in the slide, the highlighted parts and the notification will disappear automatically.

Insert Recent Links

In the new updates, you will be given an option to attach your hyperlinks easily to all your current made cloud-based files or websites. It will help you to create insightful display names for the people who use screen readers. It’s very easy to link a file to a cloud-based system is quite easy, just go to Insert tab and choose the link and select a file to attach it to the link.

There are various cloud-based sites available for you such as one drive(for business purpose), SharePoint(Office 365 document libraries), one drive personal in which you can upload your file through your existing Microsoft account, or you can save in your website or local PC.

Recording of the SlideShow

The key to the best presentation which grabs everyone attention and accolades are an excellent narration and the timing of the presentation. With PowerPoint new feature you can add narration and timings in your presentation whether it is a web based or self-running slide show. The equipment you will need is a sound card, speakers, microphone and a webcam (in case you don’t have an inbuilt one).

With the help of all these equipment, you can record your presentations, add an excellent narration, and arrange timings in your slide and ink gestures. It will be played like any other presentation recording as it plays in front of the audience or you can save the presentation is a video file format after you made the recording.

MS office is available throughout the world, and Microsoft keeps doing their best to upgrade their product once a month. The office offers unique features to all its users of Office insider. With the member of office insider, you will have all the early access to the latest Office features and innovation. Apart from that, all your feedback about the product will go directly to the team of Microsoft which will further assist them to make the product better.

Office insider has two levels. The first one is office insider slow and the second one is office insider fast. Office insider slow is best for those who wants to have the early access to all fully supported builds. It will keep the risk minimum with added features of providing feedback directly to office team. On the other hand, Office Insider fast is best for those who want the previews of new updates as earliest as possible. It is released more frequently so that to identify the issues associated and generates the feedback to help to rectify the problems.