MS 25th anniversary gifted MS Primer Font

Microsoft Office celebrated its 25th anniversary with the release of a new font called “MS Primer Font” which helps people understand the meaning of each individual letter in picture form. In other words, MS Primer Font is a new idea where each individual letter is characterized by a clipart symbol.

After release of Microsoft’s new Primer Font, teaching English language has become very easy. With the help of this font, teachers can easily teach each letter of English in visual style with real examples. Not only for teachers; it has become easier for learners too; understanding each letter of English has become easier.

It is really an awesome Microsoft Office celebration gift. Using this gift, English can be taught anytime and at anyplace with minimum requirement being,

  • A single PC
  • MS Office
MS primer intro

MS Primer font represents many different clipart symbols in different size for different English characters. The below figure represents clipart symbols of MS Primer font.

MS primer clipart

Let’s see, how does the word “Primer Font” look in the specific font,

Ms primer picture depict

Download, Install, and Use MS Primer Font

To learn English in simple and easy manner, download the MS Primer Font by clicking here. Once download is complete, unzip the compressed folder by extracting to the desired location. To extract the zip folder, right click on the zip folder to display the context menu with many options, and from those many options click on the option “Extract All” to extract folder to your preferred location. Open the extracted folder to visualize “.ttf” file (TrueType font file).

MS primer ttf

To use this font with all MS Office products, install it on your system.

Font installation process is very simple, just go to Control Panel –> Appearance –> Fonts and then drag & drop the font file “.ttf” to the Fonts folder, as shown in the below figure.

MS primer drag and drop

Once you install the MS Primer Font in the Font folder, the same font will display in the Font menu of the MS Office product. For example; open the MS word, from top of the Menu bar click on the menu “Home” and then click Font dropdown menu to see MS Primer Font among all fonts installed on your system.

MS primer conclusion


Learning English has become fun and very easy by using this font style. Thus, MS Primer Font helps users to learn each letter of English in a pictured form, and the process of teaching and learning both have become easier.

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