Mozilla Firefox’s fastest new search interface

How frequently do you use search engines to know about something? I think many times in a day using various many browsers.

Have you ever seen, in a single click search result redirecting you to a particular URL page (For example; Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo, Twitter, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Yahoo, etc…) instead of showing many search result pages? I think very rare. But, now this imagination has become a reality due to Mozilla Firefox. Once again, search engine has got a new look and feature due to Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox has tried to make the search process easier with the help of this new one-click search feature. You can immediately find what you are looking for across the web.

Firefox has improved two things in Firefox search box,

  • Design of search suggestions: It looks more organized
  • An array of buttons: It is to be found below the search suggestions, facilitates you to find and jump directly on a particular site quickly and easily.

Scroll down to see these two changes in the figure below.

Mozilla settings

Additionally, you can change the default settings of the Firefox search box as per your need by clicking on “Change Search Settings” button placed at the bottom of the Firefox search box. Click on this button that opens “Options” dialog box that provides many options to change the Firefox search settings. This “Options” dialog box provides three types of search box settings features. By changing these features you can change the default settings of the Firefox search box. These three search box settings features are,

  • Default Search Engine: Mozilla_Firefox provides many search engine in the dropdown box, choose any one of them and set as a default search engine. The search engine that you set as a default, will be displayed in the location bar, search bar, and start pages.
  • One-click Search Engines: Another search feature provided by Mozilla Firefox, facilitates users to directly jump to a particular website in a single click. “One-click Search Engines” provides two options to choose your own search engines, either; through check boxes or by adding more search engines.
Mozilla conclusion


As we know, Firefox is an old and know browser which many of us use in our daily life. Its new UI has made searching more flexible and powerful than ever. Now, people who frequently use Mozilla Firefox for browsing, for them it is an awesome time-saving feature.

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