Mozilla Firefox 29 with New Australis UI

Today, Mozilla Firefox has become a primary (basic) web browser for user who always uses internet for work, business or entertainment related task. From starting, Mozilla Firefox has given very interesting and entertaining feature to us and now too, it has come up with useful and interesting stable “Australis” UI feature with a new user interface.
The new Australis UI has come with Firefox stable version 29 in latest Nightly build.
The Australis UI contains a set of graphic developments to rationalize and join the browser interface on desktop. Also, this new feature makes Firefox more efficient to use and easier to customize. Removed the Big Orange Button (BOG) and added some rounded corner that looks exactly like Google Chrome. Instead of the BOG, Firefox 29 now has a new customizable menu. Other notable features include an “onboarding tour” to walk you through the new interface, and Firefox Sync is now more prominently positioned and easier to set up.

History of Australis UI

The Australis UI has been come after a long time. This long delay is possibly due to the fact that Mozilla has been spreading itself very lightly in an effort to cover desktop Firefox, Firefox for Metro, Firefox for Android, and Firefox OS. Due to the realization that nobody is interested in the Metro version, the Firefox development team has changed their mind and started focusing on Australis UI. Some elements of the Australis UI was already in the Android version of Firefox, and the final goal is probably to join desktop, Android, and Firefox OS with the same Australis “design language” (i.e. swoopy corners, minimal UI, etc.)

New features of Australis UI

The new Australis UI has come with major interesting feature. Some of them are as following:

  • This new UI replaced the orange Firefox button from top-left corner of titlebar.
  • Firefox menus are now available in a new “Customize and Control” button present at the end of toolbar.
  • Firefox menus design have been changed completely
  • Firefox option that enables/disables toolbars and add-ons bar has been removed completely.
  • The Australis UI has come with the new curved tabs and toolbar customization mode. Also with improved Sync feature.
  • Advanced Drag-and-drop support.
  • User-friendly bookmark creation technique.

Download link

Firefox 29 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Mozilla Firefox 29 – Download link for Windows, Mac, and Linux


The new Firefox 29 with Australis UI is lot more customisable with built in tools than any other browser. Download it by given above link to avail it facilities.

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