Microsoft New RemoteIE For IE Testing

Internet Explorer is the world’s most standard web browser. Most of the organizations and Businesses trust on IE to perform their daily operations. Most of the developers give their big contribution on building a new website/web application and definitely want to run that website/web application on all OS and browsers.

Microsoft has come up with new RemoteIE available via Azure RemoteApp that supports Windows, Mac OS X, iOS or Android device. Microsoft RemoteIE is a free service basically for developers who don’t run Windows 10 to test the latest IE preview versions. It facilitates you to run the latest version of Internet Explorer on the Windows 10 Technical Preview without running a new OS or heavyweight virtual machine on your device.
The Azure RemoteApp preview constructed with the help of the Windows Server Remote Desktop Services infrastructure and also had taken support of Azure’s global scale and utility-grade reliability. The preview had been released on May with the help of service, facilitates you to run Windows applications on a various devices from the Azure cloud and you can easily test the latest version of Internet Explorer on the Technical Preview via Azure RemoteApp. Once you configure the RemoteApp client into your computer, the Azure cloud will run IE within a second.

Getting Started

To start this app, just visit the URL: “” and sign-up to your Microsoft account, but if you already have an account in Microsoft ( or then just sing-in with your old Microsoft account.
From the above window, just sign-in to your account and in meantime; download the RemoteApp client into your computer.
Sign-in to your Microsoft account and from below window download the RemoteApp client for Windows.
Next, you have to wait till the time the RemoteIE get approved.
After approval, download the Azure RemoteApp (typically around 15MB, but varies from device to device) that is available for Windows (32 and 64-bit), Windows RT, Mac OS, iOS iPhone, iOS iPad, and Android.
Launch the RemoteApp by sign-in to the Microsoft account that you have created earlier. Next, this process will show an “IE Technical Preview” icon, shown in the figure below.

Double-click on the IE Technical Preview icon to it launch the Windows 10 Preview edition of Internet Explorer.
You get a full version of IE browser through F12 developer tools. This won’t facilitates you the settings window or add-ons, but very fast and ideal for rapid website testing.
Thus, RemoteIE is an online tool, works only on publically access websites. To test your home PC or Lan, you can go for free tool “ngrok”. Ngrok creates an HTTP tunnel for testing. For local web server running on port 80, type: ngrok 80.
You will get an URL:, place this URL into RemoteIE for further testing.


RemoteIE uses parallel idea to Microsoft ‘s remote desktop software to permit users to get an instance on their device irrespective of the platform they are on. The same idea enables businesses to stream a single app instead of virtualizing the whole OS to the device.

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