Marketing: Old vs. New

There has been a sound off of whether or not traditional forms of marketing or social media marketing forms are better for building your business. Both can be useful avenues but there are definitely some methods and concepts that outweigh the other in various different aspects. Understanding the benefits and the downfalls of traditional or online marketing can help you to determine the best way to draw in the attention of your target audience.


Social Media Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

When we think of promotion of products and services in the means of being traditional, we think of the advertising that is done in the real world. This is an old practice that stems back several years. These options often include television advertisements, billboards, radio advertisements, pamphlets, catalogs, direct mail postcards, magazine and newspaper ads, flyers and other sales materials.

On the flip side of that coin is social marketing. This involves buying and selling online in a much faster way that is usually cheaper. It also has the potential to become a global way to market. This industry is growing at such an exponential rate that it is becoming the method of marketing that most business owners prefer.

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing

One good thing about traditional marketing is that it is tangible. People can utilize their senses by seeing these marketing methods in real life. Some businesses host special events to promote their business or have open houses to promote a product and this is something that cannot be done online. Another plus is that traditional marketing involves face to face interaction so that the marketing influence is more personable and people can build a stronger customer loyalty. It is hard to say no to someone’s face.

The downfall of traditional marketing is that it can be shoved down their throats whether they want to see it or not. If a person drives by the same billboard every day on their commute, it becomes ineffective. If someone hears a radio ad or television ad, they are more apt to flip the dial. This reduces the response rate for people to listen to the message that is being promoted and there is a much lower response rate.  Another con is that sometimes advertisers spend a lot of money to try to influence people and the people are often times indifferent to it so they do not care enough about the marketing messages to take action.


Traditional Marketing

The Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest pros of social media marketing is that it is the wave of the future. A business is just not a business without a website. With the use of smartphones, information is right at the tip of people’s fingers where they can find information immediately.  Another upside is that social marketing is easier to analyze. People that respond to messages on social media sites can be monitored and if a company needs to adjust their message, they can do it a lot faster than some other means of advertising. Social media outlets also help build a sense of community. People with common interests share information about products they have purchased and there is a much higher increase in repeat sales.

The downfalls of social marketing are that everyone is on the bandwagon. It can take a lot of technical work to try to be discovered online. If a person does not use the Internet (much like the current older generation), then those are sales that are lost. For social media promotion to work,