Linking Facebook And Twitter Accounts on BlackBerry Phone

Facebook is a social networking site which allows people to connect to friends while Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows users to send as well as read the updates of other users in real time. You can easily link your Facebook and Twitter accounts and save considerable effort in having to continuously update your status in both sites all the time.

Linking Twitter account to Facebook will automatically convert the Facebook status updates into tweets. This is especially useful when using smartphones or tablets to social network as it saves considerable time and effort when a person is on the go.

This process is very easy on BlackBerry phone. Primarily you need to have Facebook and Twitter user accounts to link the two accounts on your BlackBerry phone. Go to both the websites and create user accounts if you do not have them. Either log in to Facebook account or use Twitter Facebook application in the BlackBerry device in order to open the application page available on Facebook and proceed to link the two accounts.

Steps to link Facebook and Twitter

    1. Create account on Twitter. Access ‘Home’ screen of BlackBerry phone. Press Twitter icon. Click ‘Sign Up’. At this stage some of your personal information has to be given. After entering the relevant information in the required fields, click ‘Create my account’. Your Twitter account has been created. Log out of the account after creating it.
    2. Create account on Facebook. Access the ‘Home’ screen again. Click Facebook icon. After that click on ‘Sign Up’. Here, you will be required to enter some personal information in the required fields. After doing so, click ‘Create my account’. Your Facebook account has been created. Log out of the account.
    3. Launch the web browser on the BlackBerry phone. In order to link your Facebook account to Twitter account, you have to copy and paste the following URL address on the URL box. After doing so, click search button. This is the Twitter application page on Facebook.
    4. Log in to Facebook account. This can be done typing in the email address and password in the relevant fields and clicking ‘Login’. You will be asked the question, ‘Would you like to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts?’
  1. Type your username for Twitter in the field ‘Twitter Username’ and the Twitter account password in the field ‘Twitter Password’. Click ‘Allow’. This will link your Twitter and Facebook accounts. If the linking has been successfully completed, a message will be displayed on the screen- ‘Your Facebook & Twitter accounts are connected!’
  2. You can now post a message onto the Twitter Home screen. In the update status field, type a message that has less than 140 characters. Click ‘Update’ when you are done to send the message.
  3. In order to reply to a Twitter message or Tweet send by someone, you can highlight that message and click ‘Menu’ key. Click ‘Reply’ and type in the message you wish to send on the field that appears on Twitter Home screen. Click ‘Reply’ to send the message to that individual. Click ‘Reply All’ in order to send the reply message to everyone mentioned in the message you received.


People with user accounts in different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can use this option of linking these accounts and not waste any time logging into both sites to update their status. In order to link Twitter account to Facebook, you have to access the Twitter application page on Facebook and allow the two accounts to be linked. You can post updates and sent messages in Twitter via Facebook once this linking has been executed.

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