Kick-Start Your Career in Cloud Computing!!

Before cloud computing, Industry was using Grid computing for the global connectivity, which was one of the most popular methods. Although cloud computing was different from the grid computing, it was the base idea for the cloud. From Grid to cloud, the connectivity has been taken to different directions. Connectivity and affordability is increasing as the technology moves ahead from the past. From grid to cloud, the same was visible to all the level of users. This made the users and clients to know more about cloud which later turned to be the biggest business model in the Information Technology and communication industry.

It has become mandatory for software engineers in the industry to know about cloud. Fresh graduates who aspire to work in this sector, should possess at least basic knowledge on cloud. This article will help the readers, software engineers and freshers to kick start a career in the domain of cloud computing.

This article will help the readers, software engineers and freshers to kick start a career in the domain of cloud computing –

Let’s Start Small!

For a beginner, in order to have a kick start in cloud computing for a beginner, certain basic knowledge on concepts and models of the cloud should be understood. Strong basic understanding on the working of cloud and its usage is required. These are basic requirements for cloud which will help the beginner to understand complex and advanced cloud concepts. Evolution of cloud, nature of working, models of cloud, and types of service offered by the cloud, advantages, disadvantages, and issues are the other basic requirements to have a great start. Deep understanding on these topics will help the beginner to move towards advanced level of computing.

Using the basic understanding on the cloud, one should try to apply the same in the real time. For example, if someone has explored cloud storage, it should be experienced hands-on. One should try to find the real time application of the concept and work on that. This will make someone to be much stronger on the basics of cloud.

Make it big!

Once after acquiring the basic knowledge on the cloud, one should start reading and understand more on the advanced topics such as architecture of the cloud in terms of infrastructure. Understanding the data flow, ports required, protocols involved are essentially required. Understanding these concepts will enable someone to do advanced task such as orchestration (Cloud Automation).

Deep understanding on the working and architecture of the cloud will enable someone to know more about the nature of the cloud and understand real time issues associated with cloud. This will enable and induce someone to do more research and innovation in the cloud.

Hands in Hands-On!

Learning the concept will help you to certain extent. For a long and sustainable career, one should have hands-on experience during the learning process. During the basic understand phase, one should try to explore real-time examples of basic cloud applications such drop box, Google drive. Apart from these services, there are plenty of cloud applications and services. Exploring each and every application will help someone to get a deep understanding on the working of the cloud.

After acquiring the basic hands-on experience, one can move towards cloud packages and complete cloud. This complete cloud will enable the user to acquire overall exposure about the concepts of cloud in the single stop. Few popular clouds are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service. These cloud service provider will require sign up using credit card. AWS will provide one-year free limited service for the user and azure will provide one-month free limited service for the user. One should be very careful while using free service to avoid additional billing. These service providers will charge based upon the usage. You can pay for what you use and you cannot use when you don’t pay.

Apart from these pre-install readymade paid cloud services; one can also install cloud in single desktop or laptop machine. There are multiple open source clouds such as OpenStack, Eucalyptus, and Open Nebula which will enable the user to setup free cloud in the local environment. Installations of this cloud are very easy and procedures are available in their website. Using this cloud, one can install both private cloud and public cloud. Scalability and performance of the cloud will be good and the community support, articles, blogs will be the only option for gaining knowledge and guidance for using cloud. Learning via open source community will enhance the learning process.

Skills to Win!

Skills that are required for working in cloud will vary based upon the process and nature of the cloud. Working on open source cloud will require Unix/Linux (flavors of Linux) knowledge and open source languages such Java, Python. Understanding on LAMP (Linux, Apache server, MySQL, Perl or Python or PHP) bundle will be the exact skill requirement for the open source clouds such as Openstack, and Open Nebula.

Apart from the open source, in order to work on Microsoft Azure, one should have basic understanding on windows server, .Net, and PowerShell. All though Azure is multiplatform, this package will help someone to work on Azure efficiently.

Need for Certifications

Certifications are becoming mandatory for software engineers who are working/going to work in the domain of cloud. Cloud certification from Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM will have good impact for a software engineer. Although these certifications have cost, it will be a onetime investment for the career in cloud. Apart from the certifications, contribution in the open source community will be added advantage for the career.

Explore The Opportunities!!

Apart from the basic and advanced knowledge on the cloud, acquiring certain other skills will help someone to trigger more value. Skills like orchestration (Automation), system administration, networking and database are the other valuable skills required. Opportunities in cloud with these basic skills and advanced skills will enable someone to land a wonderful job with good package. Following the things mentioned in this article, will help the Students and young graduates who aspire to work on cloud. Since many companies have started migrating towards cloud, as the major security challenge was resolved. Hence the number of opportunities in cloud will be very high in the years to come. Even the next 10 years will be a revolution for cloud.

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