Key Pages more focused by Website Owners

Every pages of the website has its own importance, but some of the pages of the website have been given special attention and importance and these pages are more focused by viewers.
While creating a website, website owners more focus on these pages because these pages become first reason of communication. Using these pages, people get moral information about a website and they get to know what exactly they can achieve from a particular website.

Let’s see, which all pages are most important for a website,

Important Pages of a Website

Home Page

This is the first page of any website that every visitor views first whenever they visit to the website. As how we know, first impression is a last impression; similarly, a website home page is a first page that should be very impressive than other website pages. It should present overall information about a website, after reading the home page of a website, visitors should get to know the website is based on what.

Search Results Page

Does your website have search result page? If not, then it should be there. Every website should include search result page to display correct result page required by visitors. Suppose, your website database is huge, includes various kinds of information in various pages, if visitors visit to your site to get specific information in less time, then this is the right page to display correct and desired data searched by visitors.

Contact Page

This is the correct page of communication, provides many options of communication like; email, telephone number, contact form, social media links, etc…Website owner designs this page in a manner to directly communicate with visitors, advertisers, other website owners, etc…Using this page, visitors can easily communicate with website owner for any kind of assistance and query in lesser time.

404 Error Page

This is a page which people don’t want to see, but it is important for any website to display. Usually, people get this error page when they type the wrong URL in the address bar or click the broken link/button. The purpose of this page is to tell that you have done something wrong in the page. The error page guides you to achieve the correct page either by showing the error code/message (error code/message defines why the error has come) or by correct URL will redirect you to the correct page. Sometime the error message comes due to loss of internet connection or your browser doesn’t support the particular URL.

Checkout Page

It has been seen that most of the website owners don’t give more attention on this page and many of them use it for shopping cart rejection and conversion rate drops may appear to be a bitter fact of e-commerce life. Conversion rates can be increased by assisting shopper by giving everything they need to make a well-versed, assured decision.

About Us Page

Whether you have constructed your own website (for business, organization, small/big community, e-commerce, etc…) or you just work on same part of a website as an author, the ‘About Us’ page is a vital part of the website/blog. It’s one of the important destinations of the website, when visitors pass through the site and get impressed it, they may become your regular customer.


A page where authors show their talent on various technologies and get appreciated by others, those appreciations populate the author in the internet market place. An independent platform provides space to author to write their favorite content.


These are some common and important pages of any website that has been focused by many website owners. How much you give more attention to these pages that much your website will become popular in the internet market place.

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