Issues with Windows 8

Not every computer can be upgraded to Windows 8. To install windows 8 in your computer, there are some system requirements. The first thing a user has to worry about is the system requirements. The basic requirements includes at least 1GHz speed of processor with NX, PAE and SSE2 support, 1 or 2GB RAM for 32 or 64bit units respectively. You PC hard disk must have 16GB or more space. For computer users it is not that difficult to upgrade it, but for the laptop users it demands upgrading every single unit. So an upgrade of a laptop means buying a new notebook.


Issues with Windows 8

Driver available:

Once you have filled the system requirements, the next problem you will face for the update is the driver. The device drivers are the programs controlling a specific device which is attached to the computer. Without the driver you won’t be able to run many features like display, sound, wireless mouse and network. Though there are default drivers in windows 8 that are similar to Windows 7 some tasks would still demand from the user to have another application for it.


Program compatibility can be a big problem for users reinstalling their programs to windows 8 from previous OS. Many components like games, Pc tools, multimedia and connectivity to apps like Bluetooth might not work properly. And reinstalling some programs may demand payment for the new compatible version for Windows 8.

User interface:

Although Microsoft has always changed its user interface from Windows 95 to windows 7, but there was always a pattern which related these version from one to another. However, in the case of windows 8, the user interface has totally changed with metro apps, invisible start menu, charms and the desktop icons. Although, the change looks good but many new bees would find it difficult to adjust on it and start working in the same speed as before.


Touchscreens are quite common among the tablets and smartphones. Windows 8 has offered this feature for the convenience and to get rid of keyboard and to ensure maximum mobility. However, this feature can be only utilized by touchscreen notebooks and touch monitors. Some people thing it’s very annoying to take all the stress for upgrading and still not having all the features.


Common issues

There are many upgrading issues with Windows 8. For many notebook users it means to spend all the money again. Many people now think that they are fine with Windows 7. Although there are list of problems with windows 8, there still are many great advantages of using windows 8. Every new technology has its own demands and requirements. All the above mentioned issues are technical, which means all the features it has to offer are quite advanced and beneficial. One may feel frustrated by all the stress but eventually the advantages are great. So with all the issues windows 8 is still highly recommended for professional as well as home users of computer and notebooks.

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