iPad Mini Vs. Microsoft Surface, Let the Battle Begin

While it’s true that these two devices aren’t direct competitors, by launching them both around the same time, October 23, it gives the world a real old fashioned Microsoft vs. Apple battle. Consumers have always enjoyed watching a good fight between two equally worthy companies, and no doubt will be keeping track of this one.


iPad Mini Vs Microsoft Surface


Microsoft unveiled the pricing of its Surface tablets earlier, which pits it directly against the full-size iPad range, with the addition of its unique cover/keyboard. While the iPad Mini is designed to compete more with the Kindle Fire and Nexus tablets, its premium quality and iOS experience will make for interesting comparisons from users.

The Surface has a price tag of $499. It has a screen size of 10.6 inches which is built on the ClearType HD technology. The screen has a resolution of 1366X768 pixels.

The iPad Mini has a price tag of $329 and its screen size is 7.9 inches that uses the IPS LCD technology and has a resolution of 1024X768 pixels.


The Surface has an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor driving it and the gadget has 2GB inbuilt RAM.

iPad Mini is driven by an Apple dual core A5 processor and is incorporated with 1GB internal RAM.


The Surface comes incorporated with two 720p Life Cam front and rear facing cameras whereas the iPad Mini has a 5MP iSight and a 1.2 MP cameras.

Storage Area

The Microsoft Surface tablet is available in two variants based on the storage capacity viz 32GB, 64GB.

The Apple iPad Mini is available in three variants based on the surface area viz 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

Operating System

The Microsoft Surface comes with the Windows RT preloaded. Windows RT is the operating system that Microsoft has designed exclusively for use in its Surface tablet.

The Apple iPad Mini comes with the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating system.


Microsoft Surface

Additional Accessories

Users of the Microsoft Surface can get a 3mm keyboard case with the device, whereas the iPad Mini comes with the SmartCover.

Consumers will feel cause for celebration, as with the holidays fast approaching, buyers will now have a wider choice of tablets than ever before. Apple, Android makers and Microsoft will all be busy promoting their devices heavily.

The iPad Mini just might surprise everyone and become the first Apple device in some time that doesn’t live up to the high expectations the company has for it. This could happen largely because it will be launching into such a crowded market. While Surface tablets may lack the vibrancy of the iOS ecosystem, if it takes off in great numbers, that advantage could soon be eliminated.

Microsoft has indeed pulled out all the stops to persuade consumers that Surface is the small tablet to beat. Surface is a bold product with some great touches, like the magnetic cover that turns into a keyboard and a minimal, body similar to an Apple device. There’s no camera and a focus on Office software, but there’s also no 3G connection so buyers don’t have the worry of an extra contract. Then there’s Metro, the impressive navigation interface, which is beautifully designed.

So look out when the holidays get here. Consumers will have choices that will also include Google’s 7 inch Nexus 7, Samsung’s Galaxy 5.5 inch Note II “phablet.” But one thing that may draw buyers to the Microsoft Surface is the fact that the tablet comes with a preview version of Microsoft Office. The suite of productivity software isn’t currently available on other tablets.

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