iOS 7: First Impressions and Performance

iOS 7 is out of the cage finally; news and tech news, guys and tech guys and everyone across the streets and malls seems busy checking iOS 7. Someone is busy with camera, someone is conscious about battery, techies are busy comparing previous versions and social media is flooded with messages, complaints and new hopes. In the meantime, apple server is tested well for its efficiency and standing to its own promise. Though when downloading iOS 7, server response is little slow as large number of users connecting every second and it’s full of requests. In my case, download is slow but smooth and my iPOD is tuning fine with Eminem!!! Please note that download and install instructions are same for all Apple devices.

iOS 7 Installation seems little worry

When we tried installing iOS 7 for iPad “Over the Air” first disaster came greeting “Software Upgrade Error”, this happened for quiet 15 minutes when software was first made available. We tried installing via iTunes but that was more than a disaster, Error Error,Error; which is unacceptable at the time of release. It takes us around 2 hours downloading and installing iOS 7 for iPad when we had a first glance of new much talked iOS. We also get installed iOS 7 for our iPhone and iPod. Except few glitches while downloading and installing, end of the day, it’s satisfactory to have new iOS and enjoy new features.

Overall Performance of iOS 7

The overall performance can be rated as satisfactory, however, Apple need to release iOS update as soon as it can because of occasional glitches in downloading and installing. Such problems can not be expected in a full version of highly rated software. When compared to iPhone, iOS 7 is bit sluggish for iPad 3. The touch response time is high for iPad, and easily noticeable. However, most of the applications are quicker and faster, device works when it is told so in a fraction of a second.

Battery Life on iOS 7

We tasted our Apple devices doing multiple tasks, streaming videos, opening heavy files and playing Grand Theft Auto for hours; but still battery didn’t died. iOS 7 does not consume much power than its predecessor iOS 6. We gone for 3 rounds of testing and at the moment we can say that battery uses are fair. Though during long uses occasional slowdown happens but we did not noticed any serious issue or bug during our 3/4 hour of continuous use.

Connectivity is fine

We connected our devices via Wi-Fi network; downloaded different games, played online videos, made skype calls; we did all this at the same time and all we can say is connectivity is just perfect in iOS 7.

The overall feel of iOS 7 is certainly different than iOS 6; and it’s Just Awasome!!!

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