Installing Sticky Notes for Desktops

Post-it Notes have literally revolutionized the world in the context of how people keep reminders. With software like Sticky Notes, electronic sticky notes can be created right on the Windows desktop. Just like paper post-its, Sticky Notes allows users to organize, store, search and back-up notes in the computer.

One of the most useful desktop enhancements ever, this widget has gained in popularity allowing the users to set priorities, alarms and reminders along with customizing the look and feel of the note. The possibility of losing your notes in the drawers will never arise on installing this application.

Sticky Notes has a trial version devoid of some features of the full software. The trial version can be obtained by downloading the installer, opening the installer file and running it. The instructions given in the installer has to be followed to set up the software. All you need to do after that is to click the Sticky Notes icon in order to start creating the notes.

How to install Sticky Notes full version?

Sticky Notes full version costs only $4.99 and does not have any specific installation process. It neither requires additional components nor does it use the registry. The steps to get the Sticky Notes app on your desktop are given.

  1. Download zip file of Sticky Notes
  2. Create new folder in the location C:\Program Files. Name the file ‘StickyNotes’.
  3. The contents of the downloaded zip file have to be then extracted into C:\Program Files\StickyNotes.
  4. Click on StickyNotes.exe. On clicking, the icon for Sticky Notes will appear on Windows System Tray. This is the bottom right corner space of Windows taskbar.

How to use Sticky Notes?

Once the Sticky Notes application has been set up on your desktop, it is very easy to use it. In order to ensure that the application opens every time Windows is booted up, add Sticky Notes app to start-up group. On the Options dialog, ‘Create a shortcut in the start-up group’ is available to facilitate this. Here is how you use the Sticky Notes application.

    • To create a new sticky note, the sticky note icon present in the notification area or Windows system tray has to be clicked.
    • Right click on Sticky Notes icon. This will open the application menu.
    • Clicking the down arrow present in the left corner on top will reveal the note menu.
    • Sticky Notes will be staying on top of any other windows, by default. This setting can be changed by clicking once on the pin.
  • Closing the note is easy too. All it requires is a click on the red power button given at the top right cornet.
  • The Search window can be used to search for any notes you have created. Even if a note has been closed accidently, the note can be retrieved easily since the app stores all created notes in a file.
  • On clicking the Help option, help guide for the application opens up.
  • Sticky Notes application can be made easier and faster by configuring hot keys. Click Program settings and select Hotkeys tab to enable this function. Configure Notes, General Settings, etc. can also be set.

With the help of Sticky Notes, you can arrange notes, view recent notes, resize the notes, add fonts, transparency, colors, hyperlinks etc to the contents of your notes. Notes can be placed anywhere on the screen, or hidden in taskbar which can then be searched and displayed when it is needed. Notes will be remaining on the screen until it is closed even after Windows reboots.


Sticky Notes desktop enhancement is an easy-to-use application for creating electronic notes. It can be easily downloaded and set up. The application comes in a free trial version as well as a full version for $ 4.99. Sticky Notes can be created by merely clicking on the Sticky Notes icon on the desktop. Rather than just a plain note, the application offers the user a plethora of options to customize the notes, arrange notes, view recent notes and a lot more.