Innovative PDF Tips &Tricks

Today, PDF is very known for everyone, people use it in their everyday task for reading, printing and editing. It can be used for any purpose; personal and professional both and for both purpose; it is reliable, accessible, and trustable. Globally, it is accepted by everyone to share their stuffs, such as; confidential doc and form, designing material, important data, funny cartoons, etc. Although, it is platform independent (supports: Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS), global sharing becomes very easier.
Apart from reading, printing and editing, what else we can do with PDF? Can we convert it to different file format or can we compress it for better sharing?
Through this post, you will get to know the tips/tricks that can be surely helpful in implementing PDF next time when you do some major task on it.

1# PDF Creation without Adobe Acrobat

Although, we all know Adobe Acrobat is the best software for PDF creation. Many people face issue while downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat and many don’t want to just because it is costly.
So, people who don’t need Adobe Acrobat into their system and also want to play with PDF, for them I have found a different technique. Let’s see how to do that,
Open the Google Chrome browser,
In case of Window OS: Press “Ctrl+P” from the keyboard.
In case of Mac OS: “Cmd+P” from the keyboard
Both “Ctrl+P” and “Cmd+P” command will to open the printer settings dialog box, and then choose the option “Save as PDF” to convert the webpage into a PDF document.
Apart from Chrome, other browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari) also facilitate this by installing a free add-on CleanPrint. This add-on provides many other options than PDF, such as; Text, Email, DropBox, Google Drive and Google Cloud Print, user can choose any one of the option at once and convert their page into it.
Online Web Service (named as htmlpdf) and Free PDFCreator software also creates PDF file. Using the software pdf24, you can easily convert MS Word doc or PPT into PDF.

2# PDF file merging technique

You can easily merge two or more PDF files into a single file using online web services “foxyutils” and “PDFMerge”.
If you are not comfortable with online web services, you can also use PDF Combine software for merging PDF files easily.

3# PDF edit process

Usually, we get PDF file in readable format, but some time it becomes necessary to edit/add something new to the existing PDF document.
So, to edit an existing PDF document, try out easy to use tools “PDFzen” and “TOUCHPDF”. For offline uses “nitropdf” and “Foxit” are the software that we can use offline for editing PDF doc.

4# PDF document translation

If you are working with German, French, Spanish company, the documents what you get are in their own language and that particular document you have to edit and send back to them, but the most exciting part; you are unable to understand what exactly written inside the PDF document. So, read the document use Google Translator is much more capable to convert the document written in any language.
Upload the PDF file into the browser, choose the language in which you want to translate and then click the blue translate button on the right side of the page. This process will translate the entire page into your desired language.

5# Convert a group of documents into PDF

If you have a group of documents to convert into PDF, sometime you like to convert them individually or sometime together depend on the time of need. If you do the conversion one by one will take much time and together less time. To convert a bunch of documents into PDF files, you can use the apps “Peernet” and “ExtendOffice”.


Now, PDF document has become a very useful and common component for everyone, people use it to read, edit, share, and draw their important stuffs. One of the interesting thing; it is very much secure. Uses all above tips and tricks and enjoy your PDF document effectively and efficiently.

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