Ignore Some Bad Writing Habits

Writing is not the thing that everybody can do. It needs talent, passion and afford. How designing requires lots of patience and art, similarly; writing also requires the same. Write on a topic on which you are interested in, because writing on any topic is just like you are doing the work just to complete it and after completing that work you never review the content written by you.
In school or colleges, we get guideline to write content in a paragraph by giving heading and subheading that will be easier for paper checker tom read and understand the content what you have written. Same formula works here too; the content written by you should be clear and simple that everybody can understand, also the content should include meaningful heading and subheading for better understanding.
As like you and me, there are many authors who post content every day over the internet, some writers are really good but some unknowingly do many mistakes that convey wrong message to the readers or sometime readers don’t understand what exactly the author what to explain. Although, I am also a writer and personally I have inquired the mistakes the writers do exactly which I am sharing through this article,

Don’t write content in old style

How dress designer designs and bring-up new stylist designed dresses in the market as per the new generation customer requirement, similarly; authors should understand what exactly the viewers want to see and read. New authors should refer some famous authors writing style and dramatic style, and also see the comments given by the viewers on the content.

Don’t place the long Paragraph

All readers like to read the content that should be clear, simple and easy to understand, if your content doesn’t satisfies the reader, he will move to some other author page for same information or reader can give bad comment on a particular content that can make your-self down in the market place. So, while writing content ensures that the content paragraph should not be very long (including unnecessary bulk of information). Content paragraph should be short, simple and understandable.

Hear your inner voice while writing

While writing, your content should come from your heart, your full passion and emotion should be involved in that. First; think, listen to you “inner voice”, and then write. As a writer, you should know how to come-out or deliver a good content when you hanged-out somewhere.

Try to stick to your old style

Here, I am opposing my given above statement, due to some reason. Sometime, following someone other style can bring down fall in your writing career, you can get bad reply from your readers. So, due to your own style, if you have acquired good place in the market then be as how you are.

Title should not be long and meaning less

The content title is a main source for any reader to get into your content. So, the title should be small and meaningful that can attract and understandable by anyone.

Don’t ignore your Readers & Social Media

Some writers ignore their readers and social media followers, writers keep on writing their content without see what comment and suggestion they are getting on a particular content from readers and social media followers. Don’t ignore readers or social media provided comment and suggestion that are very useful for you.

Don’t be egoistic

Some writers are really egoistic by nature and their ego reflects on their written content too. Client while seeing your content should feel happy and satisfied, not to see you ego in the content. Once client cots your ego in writing, he will never call you again for the same task.

Don’t do grammatical mistakes

While writing, unknowingly writers do some grammatical mistakes that can be noticed by reader (if he is good in English). Normally, writers do mistakes in similar kind of words, like; your vs. you’re, its vs. it’s, and loose vs. lose.
1) Your vs. You’re
Your – A possessive adjective, shows that something belongs to someone. E.g. It is not mine, it’s your pen.
You’re (You are ) – A short form of “You are”. E.g. You’re hungry = You are hungry.
2) Its vs. It’s
Its – A possessive form of it. E.g. This software has its own features.
It’s – A short form of “It is and it has”. E.g. It’s my book, not yours
3) Loose vs. Lose
Loose – An adjective and the reverse word of tight. E.g. My dress is loose.
Lose – A verb that means; to miss. E.g. I win! You lose!


Writing is really a passion, interest and art that come from heart. The words that come from heart will be original without plagiarism. Only you need to avoid all above stuffs to keep your-self top in the content market place.

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