How Your Advertisements can Stand Out From the Crowd (SEM)

The world is moving fast, so as the virtual world of internet. As the usage of internet is growing rapidly, a larger segment of consumer prefers online shopping sitting at the comfort of their home. But, still there are other sections of people who still feel unsafe buying online, and they prefer visits to the stores.

In both the cases, it is important to have a nice website that must be visible to the wider spectrums of people. Then only they can buy your products online or able to get the required information to visit your store later.

But, you are not alone in this virtual world. There are many competitors fighting hard to get the bigger share of the pie. So, optimizing your site to make it more searcher friendly may help you to get noticed. But not always, when there are many competitors with equally or more potentially high-quality sites.  You need a premium space for your site to make it prominent among your competitors. That’s the time to discover the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is like any other marketing process where you need to pay some cost to get your product marketed among masses. The only difference is it is online, in SEM you need to pay to get your sites appear on the top of search results page. That is called paid advertisements.

What are Paid Advertisements?

Let’s say you search for something like ‘Yoga Instructor’. The results you see on the main result page are the sites that the search engines believe are more relevant with top ranks. Those are called ‘Organic’ search results, no need to pay to be there. That is purely based on search engines algorithm to display the relevant sites. But, when there are many related websites with high-quality contents, then the chance of your site is very low, provided you have one of the top-notch popular sites.

So, how your site gets noticed in that situation? Simply, pay some amount and increase the chances of your site to appear on the top of the search results page. That is called paid advertisements. Where you need to bid to get that coveted position.

Now, you may be thinking that not everyone clicks on those paid advertisements, isn’t it? Then, why are we needed to pay in advance when it is not sure that the visitors will visit your site through the paid advertisements?

Let’s discuss another interesting option of SEM.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisements

The pay-per-click advertisement allows you to pay only when someone clicks on your link to land on your site, no clicks, and no charges.

Let’s say you are an event organizer. Someone searches for event organizer and found your advertisement on the top of the search results. But, you only have to pay when she/he clicks on your advertisement; else need not to pay anything.

Imagine how it is beneficial to use this awesome feature when comparing with the traditional ways of advertisements like newspapers, magazines and other print and visual Medias. There you have to pay before publishing your ad, without knowing the users interested on your ad or not.

How to Acquire Top Spot on Search Results?

It is not that the top positions in the search results can be acquired just by paying a certain amount. There are many people willing to pay the bid amount for that limited space.

So, there are auctions, where the search engine chooses the best bid to display the top results. There are some specific criteria like highest bidder, relevant data etc. on which the search engine selects the ads.

Let’s discuss on the auction system and how you will be benefitted from it.

How does an Auction Works?

Let’s consider an example; you built a nice website to publicize your profession as an event organizer. Your website has very good quality content and related keywords. The chances are high that your site will be visible when people search for specific keywords like ‘Event organizers in Mumbai’. But, what about generic keywords like’ event organizers’? Your site may not appear due to the stiff competitions. So, you decided to go for paid advertisements via bidding. Let’s see how the search engine performs the auctions.

Your site may not appear due to the stiff competitions. So, you decided to go for paid advertisements via bidding. Let’s see how the search engine performs the auctions.

  • Once you place the bid, the search engine starts evaluating it.
  • Suppose you bid to pay Rs. 40 for your ad
  • The search engine looks for other bidders too
  • Your competitor bids for Rs. 60

Now, whose ad will display on the top? There are two aspects of the auction system.

The highest bidder will win provided the content is relevant else the bidder having closest relevant content will win the spot.

The Key Points to Win an Auction

  • Check the Max bids to know what your competitors are offering
  • Place your bid competitive enough to increase your chances
  • Keep improving the quality of your contents to raise the quality score
  • Finally, keep changing the bid value as your competitors changes their bids

So, as we discussed, the auction system considers both the highest bids as well as high-quality relevant contents.

Considering the above example of the event organizer, when someone searches for ‘Popular event organizers’ and the same keywords is your page’s title then you will win the race. It doesn’t matter that your bid is of Rs.40/- and the max bid is of Rs.60/-. As your content is highly relevant you will get the high-quality score.

Take Your Ads to the Next Level

You may have noticed that when you search something, most of the ads are looks similar on the search results page, seems like lost in the crowd. So, you need to improve your ads to be stand out from the crowd. Let’s find out some of those important points to take your ads to the next level.

Let’s take the same example of the event organizer. So, whenever someone searches for event organizers your site will be displayed among others having same quality contents. But, what will you do to stand out from them?

  • Use the more relevant keywords in your advertisement’s headlines, which you can expect the searchers mostly search with those keywords
  • Whenever you are offering any discounts or conducting sale events, mention that in the first line of your description
  • Next, use specific phrases which can drive the searchers to take actions, like ‘ Click here to find out the Offers’ or ‘ See our Store for more exciting offers’ etc.

Finally, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is undoubtedly the best way to improve your digital campaign. Follow the best practices to get the maximum benefits out from it. As we discussed, the highest bid value cannot win the desired spot on the search results page unless it has relevant keywords. So, to thrive in the world of digital campaigning it is highly necessary to continue the keyword research activity and keep adding new keywords.

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