How to buy professional windows 8

As we can see in the history of Microsoft, it has offered us windows in many different flavors. For example, windows 7 were available in six kinds. However, Microsoft changed its strategy for windows 8. For house users, the only edition of windows 8 which is available for buying in new software of upgraded form is Windows 8 Pro. There is a simpler version of Windows 8 which is only available in selected tablets and PC’s as pre installed. System builders and OEMs can buy standalone editions of Windows 8 pro and windows 8 from sellers like and newegg etc.


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Windows 8 was basically designed to work with touch screens and to cover up for the difference between tablets and PC computers. For large organizations, there is windows 8 enterprise and windows 8 pro are for home users and businesses.

The easiest way to get Windows 8 Pro is to upgrade your existing computer. Microsoft is offering the users of Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 a device with upgrades your windows till January 2012 in $39.99. However, there are some system requirements, so before you upgrade it, make sure you have all the system requirements. Following are the requirements:

To set up windows 8 pro you must have Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, and Windows Vista, Windows 8 release preview or Windows 8 consumer preview. If your computer is running Windows 8 consumer preview, windows 7 or Windows 8 release preview, your applications, files and settings will be comfortably transfer to Windows 8 pro. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows XP, you will need to reinstall some of your applications. Touch features might require a new computer.


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Though Window 8 is available for download online, you can purchase the boxed software too. Windows 8 pro can be purchased by different retailers like Amazon, Best buy and Microsoft store itself. Either you get a DVD with a copy of software or you get an activation code only.

If you have been working on your old computer for a long time, the manufactures have already included windows 8 to the new systems. From Dell XPS 13 to Acer S7-391 there are list of options available with windows 8 pro.

Recently Microsoft has offered a free media pack add for windows 8 pro, in which you can watch live TV as it can be turned into a media center PC. So those who purchase Windows 8 pro can demand for a coupon code for upgrading before 31 January 2013.

With windows 8 pro you get a longer battery life with a beautiful start up screens and the windows 8 tiles that you can arrange any way you want to. It gives you faster and securer web browsing. It provides you a world of new applications with better and enhanced features. Also the best part is that Windows 8 works with both touch screens as well as with the keyboard and mouse.

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