How to become rich and famous Designer?

How good to see people putting their head into the things on which they are interested the most?
Designers always like to put their hands and head into design because they simply love to do that.
But, the reality of life is totally different; everybody has their own liabilities and responsibilities. Due to their own responsibilities, people work on the projects for which they get lots of money and they forget their creative dream.
Many designers get opportunity to convert their interest into profession and they are successful too. Interest and profession both together make good combination is helpful in setting life goal and making money.
Let’s see, how your interest can make you a good rich designer,

1# Scale your design services

Everyone knows that a designer can’t earn so much; he/she is a part of entrepreneurship that means; in an enterprise a designer is just part of a team that helps team member in creating and building product. If you are totally involved into designing, make your own strong team that might help you in earning much more money.
If you so ambitious and your mind is driving towards more and more money, then spread your design services by first making partner; the partner should be good because through him only it decides that the business pick is going up or down. He is a real hero of your team who shares your workload. Second, your client who can pay and appreciate you for your good project.
Another way by creating your own brand, under which you hire many employees who are very efficient in handling and managing every day activities and providing good design services to their clients.

2#. Scale your communication

There are many design blogs, sites and magazines where you get good designers who work for less money or for their interest, try to communicate with those designers for better understanding of designing technique or to call them into your group with good pay. Good designer team definitely can boost your project and grow your business.

3# Write an eBook or publish a design book

For basic designing skills or advance designing skills readers like to refer eBook. If you are very much efficient or focused towards designing, try to create eBook. A successful eBook definitely pay you good. There are two kind of eBook – free and commercial. For free eBook client pay you less than commercial. For commercial eBook, client hires highly experienced and knowledgeable writer.
Publishing a book is more difficult than making successful an eBook, but if that work out, you will be in the sky. Your one published book can give you lots of money and success. Apart from that, inside the book you can put all topics related to design, like; design theory, design resources, tutorials and so on. Publishing book with large publishing company is quite difficult, so you can self-publish your book too.

4# Create your own designer website

Create your own website with top designing tip and tricks, but be careful during this process; there are many top designing websites in the internet that are very successful from so many years. So to come in top, you should be very creative and efficient. Try to increase social networking followers. Maximum numbers of followers scale your site in the top.


Everybody can’t become famous and rich in designing, it needs passion. People who are very much passionate and dedicated towards creative design can only reach on the top.

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