How the Maps on Mobile Devices Help You Find Your Destination Easily

Mobile phones have changed a lot over the last several years. One of the most popular and newest features now available to mobile phone users is map software. Some mobile phones come with maps preinstalled, which is more convenient. There are two other options available as well, Google Maps for mobile and MapQuest Mobile Solutions. Depending on your model of phone and software installed, you will have access to various features. Just remember that mapping software is much different than GS or navigation software.


Maps on Mobile


  • Check and be sure that your mobile device is capable of running map software. In some instances the software comes preinstalled, in which case you are ready to go. If it isn’t preinstalled, then check the system requirements for the software that you want to run. Google Maps will run on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile phones. MapQuest 4 Mobile will run on iPhone and certain BlackBerry model phones.

  • Download any software needed in order to use maps on your mobile device.

  • Next you open the map application on your mobile device. Pull up an area map, then zoom in and zoom out. Receive driving directions from one address to another; some phones with GPS built in can use your current location to get the address you want.

  • In the case of Google use the “My Location” feature to make finding the correct route simple. Press the “o” key on your keypad to instruct Google maps to find your current location. Google maps will use the cell tower information nearest you to approximate your current location, This won’t tell you the exact spot where you are located, but it will give you a general idea of where you are and where you should go next.

Search by Voice

On certain mobile devices, Google maps lets you speak your search query to make it a snap to find the nearest restaurant, post office, or whatever you are looking for. You don’t have to go to the trouble of typing in the destination you are seeking, which makes the whole process quicker and more convenient.


Maps For iphone

Share Your Location With Others

Google Maps has added Latitude, which permits you to share your location live. If you have GPS on your mobile device, your exact location will be broadcast; otherwise it will show your location based on cell towers in your area.

Search for Things You Need

Wherever you want to go, whether it be a certain restaurant, supermarket, department store, etc., plug it into your destination and let your mapping software find it and give you directions from your location.

Save Favorite Locations

Save your favorite locations to your history by accessing Google maps on your home computer. Once you find your favorite locations, click “Save to,” Then select “Save.” When you access Google maps on your mobile device, you entire history — including those saved locations — appears and you don’t have to enter each address using the text entry on your mobile phone.

While we certainly haven’t covered everything, in fact it’s just the tip of the iceberg, this article should at least leave you with the general of how the maps on mobile devices work. Learning to use them isn’t difficult and it can prove to be a great advantage should you become lost, or simply really need to locate a certain place.