How Smartphones Can Increase Productivity

Smartphones have more or less revolutionized the modern world. We use it for anything from calling people to controlling our TVs; it has even replaced actual cameras for a lot of us. In 2014 alone, over a billion were sold. Statistically speaking, over 1 in every 7 people has a Smartphone. That is incredible. In fact, it’s impossible to get on a bus and not find a Smartphone user.

We can all agree that the biggest draw for Smartphones is the apps. Whether it is the utility apps, business productivity ones or social media apps, they work amazingly well and offer you tools that increase your productivity. There are 5 ways that Smartphones can help increase productivity, on Android or iOS.


There are numerous apps that can be downloaded to jot down notes and save reminders (in most Smartphones, there are built-in apps like “Action Memo” for Galaxy Note, and “Reminders” and “Notes” for iOS). The advantage this has over writing normal notes on a piece of paper is that you’re not going to forget or lose them. If you set a reminder on your phone, your phone lets you know when you need to take a particular action or even 10 minutes ahead depending it on when you like them. You’d be surprised how much this has helped me when buying groceries.


Messages are no longer just the familiar SMS, they include WhatsApp, Viber, Line and even e-mails. The apps are made for easy and fast communication which are useful traits when you are busy working hard. You can ask questions, provide answers, send documents , all in a matter of seconds. It saves time and lets you get on with more important work. One can’t always find the time or the energy to type so voice and video messages come to your rescue.


One of the key differences between the older phones and current generation Smartphones is the lack of a physical-button keyboard. You need a software keyboard and there are a ton of them available, check Google Play out for these. These keyboards actually improve speed, recognize the way you type, make accurate predictions based on what you type, they auto-correct and not to mention come with some very cool wicked themes. With all that, it’s no surprise that a lot of people type faster on a phone than on an actual computer. Just for the record, my personal favorite keyboard is Swift Key.

Google Drive

I cannot stress how much I love Google Drive. It is one of the most important things I have on the cloud. I store images, documents, projects, homework – everything. I usually do all the heavy stuff on my computer (like making PowerPoint presentations) but the fact that you can link Google Drive on your phone and your computer has some very handy quirks. You can take pictures and then save it on your Drive and later open it on your computer. You can write a document on your computer and then save it on your Drive and open it on your phone. This isn’t the only app of its kind (there are others like One Drive) but it’s my favorite because I am in love with Google. To get best out of Google Drive, you do have to download additional related apps like Google Docs and Google Slides but trust me it’s all worth it.

The “Getting Things Done” Apps

Otherwise known as GTD apps, it’s a subcategory of Productivity apps and they, well, help you get things done. It has everything from calendars to apps that merge your duplicate contacts into one. I didn’t even know I needed things like those until I saw in the app store. There are PDF readers to apps that turn images into PDF (a brilliant feature – the one I use is Cam Scanner). There are apps to help you find jobs and also get the latest updates on stocks. I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that apps cater to everything. I could ramble on and on about all the different kinds of apps but there are too many to list.

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