Helpful Tips to Having a FAN-tastic Facebook Page

Social media outlets are very effective when used properly. A person simply cannot throw a Facebook business page together, add contact info, a little bit of information and just let it go. There are several other easy tricks to ensuring that your Facebook page is working for you so that you stay in front of the eyes of your likers. Having a standing Facebook page with no change of content or information is just a useless static page and will hardly attract many fans. Here are a few hints that will help you to make sure that your Facebook page is working for your business because if you build it, they will come.


Facebook Friends

Make Sure You Have Phenomenal Content

Phenomenal may be stretching it a bit, but it seems so obvious that content on your Facebook webpage is good. The more information, status updates or pictures that you post show that you are maintaining your page. Your fan page will get many more visits when you offer great content that is informative and sometimes even entertaining.

Keep Your Page on Topic

If your business is about a certain industry, keep the information on it about that industry. Do not roll off on some tangent. If you own a restaurant, do not post information about jewelry. That seems pretty much apparent but some people might be surprised if they were to look at some business’ webpages to see that they roll off on some other topic that does not even pertain to their business. Keep information about politics and religion off of your page. That is a huge no-no. You will just end up offending someone.


Facebook Fan Page

Keep Your Page Updated Frequently

The recommended minimum amount of posting on a Facebook business page is at least once per day. The fans that are following you will be able to see what you have to offer in regards to products or information on a daily basis and can learn things from your Facebook page in real-time where websites and other markets cannot post information so quickly. You have to lead your fans to your page but then still keep them intrigued or otherwise they are not getting anything out of your website and you will see a steady decline of click-thrus to your site from your Facebook fan page.

On the other hand of frequency, never ever post more than three times per day. Though you need to keep things updated on your wall, too much is not more. Sometimes there are reasons to post multiple times like if there is a special promotion or if there is something going on that is timely in your industry. If you talk too much, people will begin to ignore what you are saying.

It’s More Than Words Can Say

Though you may sometimes just update your status on your wall, there are other ways to captivate and draw interest to your website. Make sure you add photos, videos and other links. You do not want your fans to just read about your products and services but you also want them to be able to see what it is that you are offering.

When you have followed some of these helpful hints, you will find that your fan base will respond to your webpage in a positive way. They may share your information which will encourage their friends to like your business page too. It can be a quick way to do viral marketing and watch as your fan page grows and your business prospers.

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