Helpful Hints for Using Social Media for Business Marketing

Naturally, social media outlets are some of the best and least expensive options to promote a business. While there are several websites on the Internet, some are more popular than others with a more global reach. Some of these include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, , and YouTube as well as the growing media outlet: Pinterest.


Social Networking

Here are some helpful hints to keep your social media campaign flowing nice and smooth so that you can reap the benefits of more traffic.

Hints for All Social Media Outlets

    1. Keep most of your posts focused on your business or industry. 
    2. Do not oversell your product because it comes across spammy and will eventually be ignored. 
    3. Educate your audience about the product in most of your posts. 
    4. Never talk about controversial topics in your posts that include sports, politics or religion. This is a promotion of your business, not your soapbox.
    5. Find other content that your audience might find appealing and re-post it. 
    6. Try to update your statuses daily on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and , if not more than once. 
    7. When posting, consider whether or not your targeted audience would gain benefit from it. Is it interesting or educational?
    8. Use Pinterest and take photos of some of your products. You can then link these to a blog or your website. 
    9. Keep a document that has posts that are written in advance so you don’t have to take time to think of something new on a busy day. 
    10. Make sure all of your contact and profile information is the same on all of your business social media accounts. 
    11. Offer special promotions through your posts that cannot be found anywhere else. 
    12. Create press releases no less than every three months. Include keywords that are applicable to your website and products. 
    13. On your website and email, include social media buttons so that your readers can share the information, comment or visit your social media site.

    Tips for Using Facebook

    One of the first recommended tips is to take two minutes out of your day and update your Facebook whether it be with a photo, a status update or a shared article that is relevant to your industry. People who are then using Facebook will see updates on a daily basis to keep your business fresh in their mind.  

    Another tip for using Facebook is all about timing. Depending on your time zone, there are some periods of time throughout the weekdays and weekends where there are more Facebook users logged on than other times. During the weekdays, the best times to post on your Facebook wall are between the times of 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. During the weekends and even during holidays, it is best to update your posts between 10 a.m. and noon or 4:30 to 7 p.m.

    A final tip is to make sure that if someone comments on your wall or says something, that you are the last person to say something. A simple “Thank you” is better than saying nothing at all. It makes it very clear to your contacts that you are at least reading what they are saying.

    Twitter Help

    First and foremost, make sure that your Twitter page has all of your company’s contact information along with a customized background that may have your business logo or something of that nature.  Be sure to post a Tweet at a minimum of three times per day. If you have potential clients or people that are relevant to your business, follow them. Whenever you Tweet, do not overuse the hashtags but do make sure that you Tweet about your most recent blog posts so to encourage your followers to go check them out.


    Social Media for Business Marketing

    Using YouTube

    When using YouTube as your social media outlet, be sure that your videos are somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes in length. Every time you create a video, make sure it addresses any questions that a viewer may have. Also, always be sure to provide your company information at the beginning of the video title, within the descriptions and in the tagging information. This is the best resource to spread information through a non-traditional form of “word-of-mouth.”

    By following these social media helpful hints, you will find that it isn’t such a hard task after all.