Google’s Chrome Apps and Launcher to Mac Desktop

Google’s Chrome Apps now available for Mac OS, in addition to Windows and Chrome OS. As like other software it facilitates users to install apps to their desktop for use. Some week before, Google released Chrome 31 for OS X and at present it also facilitates Chrome Apps. There is also Chrome App Launcher for Mac which lives in the dock and gives centralized access to all those Chrome apps in the same place. These apps are written in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.

Before May 2013, it was there in beta version as part of a Chromium release but now Chrome App Launcher is available for all Mac users. Before using it make sure that the computer has the latest stable version of Chrome for Mac.

Chrome Apps and Launcher Interesting Features:

Works without Internet Connection
The major advantage is that Chrome Apps work without an internet connection to access the computer’s local storage and more, sync their state crossways computers where a chrome user is logged in with their Google account. They update automatically whenever a new version comes up, and act and experience just like other software.
Chrome Web Store for Chrome Apps

Visit “For Your Desktop” option of the Chrome Web Store (A Google’s App Store for Chrome Apps) to get Chrome apps that can work with the Mac Desktop efficiently, which is having Chrome software that functions without internet connection. Chrome Apps work in a bare-bones frame and look similar like other applications. Both, Mac’s Chrome Apps and Chrome launcher were presented by Google in the quick Dev build of its browser.

Chrome Launcher Automatically get Installed
Google’s newer packaged apps run in different chrome-less window instead of running within a browser tab to produce the ‘Chrome App Launcher’. Mac users do not need to install launcher purposely, it automatically get installed with the Chrome app from the Chrome Web Store’s using ‘For Your Desktop’ option.
Icon of Chrome App Launcher Placed Automatically
Mac users will get the Chrome App Launcher in their Dock when they download their first Chrome app. The Chrome App Launcher is automatically placed as an icon on Mac’s application dock, the Launcher icon can be used by a user to search and launch Chrome apps for desktop right in the Dock. A single click on icon will show a small tray of installed Chrome apps and services, and another click will open it.
Chrome apps could also be open from the Applications folder on the Dock. Search for apps by name in the highlight search. It will be visible just like any other Mac program.
Chrome Apps have direct access to Chrome APIs
Chrome Apps can directly interact to Chrome APIs but usually other websites does not do this, this functionality enables Chrome Apps to run offline, interact with USB and Bluetooth devices, and update automatically.

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