Google Chrome top hidden features

Google Chrome is one of the simplest and easiest browsers. Most people like this browser for its speed and easy navigability. On the other hand, some do not use this browser as they find it cumbersome and difficult to operate. However, many are unaware of the hidden features of Google Chrome, knowing which would go a long way to enhance the usability of the browser.

This article aims to present all hidden features of Google Chrome that mostly remain unknown to many. Getting familiar with these features might take the likability of this browser to a new level.


1. Task Manager

The basic feature of Task Manager is to display, maintain and close all applications and services running on the system.

In Windows, the key command “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” is used to open Window Task Manager.

Similarly, Google Chrome also has its own Task Manager to maintain all process and features running on the browser, Google Chrome Task Manager treats each tab as an individual process, so if any tab is causing a problem, instead of closing the entire browser, you can just close the affected tab.

To access the Google Chrome Task Manager, open Google Chrome browser, from upper right side corner of the browser window click on the button “Customize and Control Google Chrome” –> More Tools –> Task Manager.

task manager

Or, just press “Shift+Esc” from your keyboard to open the Task Manager.

task manager 1

2. Paste and go/paste and search

Google Chrome provides an excellent technique to copy a URL or search a piece of text from another browser and look it up on Google Chrome itself.

Now, no need to use Ctrl+C command to copy and then use Crtl+V to paste a URL into address bar, instead just right click on the address bar and choose “Paste and go”, or “Paste and search” to save your valuable time.

paste and go

3. Pin tab

The Pin tab feature saves all major tabs in smaller size on the left hand side of all the opened tabs. Pin tab feature facilitates people to pin such tabs that they don’t want to close while browsing, for example; Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.

pin tab

Once the Pin tab process is complete, the tabs that have been pinned look like as shown in the figure below.

pin tab1

To unpin those tabs, just right click on those tabs and select “Unpin tab”.

unpin tab

4. About:memory

The “About memory” feature is a unique feature that displays how different processes in the browser is consuming memory. To view “About memory” page, type “about:memory” into the address bar and view all process consuming browser memory.

about memory

5. Incognito window for safety & privacy

The feature, Incognito mode, is not hidden, but it is still surprising to know that many people are not aware of this awesome feature.

Incognito mode can be applicable in any web browser. The mode prevents a particular computer from strangers by blocking the browser history, downloads, autofill, and dialog box information. It is basically used to keep browsing activities in stealth mode due to safety and security concerns.

To enable Incognito mode, open Google Chrome browser, click on “Customize and Control Google Chrome” from the top right hand corner of the browser window, and then click on “New Incognito Window”.


The new incognito window will be displayed as shown in the figure below. Start using it by reading the message carefully.


6. Fast calculator

Google Chrome’s address bar facilitates many things similar to Google search bar. Among all, one of its interesting feature is Calculator. People who are really poor in math and calculation for them it is a wonderful feature. For example; if you want a division of 100/5, simply type 100/5 into the address bar, and the correct result (20) will be displayed on the same page.

fast calculator


Thus Google Chrome is said to be excellent in terms of features, extensions, tools, privacy, and security. These user-friendly features make Google Chrome the most desired browser by most users.

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