Get organized with windows 8 tiles

The new Windows 8 user interface is outstandingly different from the previous versions of Windows. You will see “tiles” on the start screen instead of finding your favorite programs on desktop. Just like you organize the app icons on your phones, you can organize these tiles as well. Before you get started, there are some tips to organize your tiles in a better way.


Get organized with windows 8

Download before you organize:

It is recommended that before you start organizing your tiles, it is better to first download the applications you wish to install. The reason it is recommended is because some apps are rectangular, while others are one by one square. So when you have all the apps already downloaded, you can re adjust the size and neatly organize all your tiles. Also make sure you have enough tiles in your plate before you just start moving them.

Note: If you face problems in finding something, use C+ windows key to expose the charms which prominently consists of the search button. Or you can try floating on the right side of the screen.

Organizing by theme:

Some people prefer organizing their applications by grouping together the programs or by theme but it’s better to organize them by workflow. As per experience, it has been proved that it’s better to cluster the applications in accordance to their usage and preference.

How to arrange them:

There are various methods of how you can arrange your apps on the screen. The first way to do it is to put the apps you use the most onto the mostly used area, the area where you usually click first. The best areas or the most used areas are the upper right corners or lower left corners. For the touch screen users, these areas are the vertical ones, near your thumb. Another way in which you can organize your applications is to sort them by using the grid formation which is top to bottom and left to right.


Arrange your Apps

The final solution is to organize them by workflow. The tiles you use the most, for example the office tiles must be placed together. You can also add the print management tile in the office group. Arrange the leisure apps in the corner and out of sight so that you are not distracted by them while you are trying to work or study.

This is how you can successfully organize your Windows 8 tiles.

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