Five Great Mobile Technologies Which You Should Know About

In today’s progressive era mobile technology, once just a dream, has been advancing at an incredible pace. Sometimes it’s hard to believe what has been achieved, and we’re left wondering what will the mobile phone companies come up with next? Here we’re going to review five great new mobile technologies which you should be familiar with:


Mobile Technology

1. Wi-Fi Phones

Cell phones have been around for years now, but the way they operate has changed little over time. They were limited to running on a strict carrier contract basis — There were simply no other options. Until the Wi-Fi phone came along.

  • A Wi-Fi phone lets you make a VOIP call without using a computer. Yes, phone owners may still have a carrier, but now the phones can connect to Wi-Fi networks located in the home or office. This eliminates the chore of having to count minutes and the worry about extra charges. In some cases, the phones operate strictly on Wi-Fi VOIP networks, doing away with the traditional carrier entirely.

2. Mobile Augmented Reality

While this device isn’t yet a reality, it might not be too much longer before it does
materialize, so don’t write it off as science fiction. In theory, what it will be is an “all-in-one” portable device, which will provide all of your communication and entertainment needs. It will completely transform the field of mobile technology as we know it.

  • Once fully developed and functioning this technology will tie tie together the Internet, accelerometers and GPS to superimpose digital information on the real world. For example, if you travel to a city you’ve never been to before and come across a certain building you want to learn more about, just aim your phone at the building and it will tell you anything you need to know, from the history of its construction to visiting hours, etc.

3. Open Source Cell Phones

Once again we’re talking about a device that doesn’t exist yet, but could be in use some time soon. This is a mobile phone which could provide the same services that today’s phones do, but at a fraction of the cost. There is a great deal of work being done to create software which can be used on any cell phone. The advantages would be amazing, including better features, compatibility and lower costs by having more market options to buy and use a phone.


Latest Mobile Technologies

4. Mobile Payment

This is technology that has already been designed and is available today, but has not yet caught on with the many businesses and institutions that would be involved in its use. These would include banks, stores and carriers, etc. Some just don’t trust it yet, while others feel it is too confusing, still and all it will eventually be adopted and become a common item.

  • What the idea is is for phones to permit you to transfer or pay money instantly from any bank account or credit line. This would be great progress for small businesses and people who can’t accept credit cards or simply prefer an electronic payment to cash or checks.

5. Tactile Feedback

With the remarkable sales of the Apple iPhone, the demand for touch screen phones has radically increased. Still there are some people who text and email quite often from their phone, who prefer the real buttons of a device like a Blackberry. New technology could incorporate the best of both worlds by developing a touch screen which both feels and reacts when you type on it.

These are just five of the latest mobile technologies you should be aware of. It pays to keep yourself abreast of the changing mobile field so that you can be certain that your business is as up to date as possible, but it also is worthwhile to simply do it for yourself on a personal level. Taking advantage of the newest mobile technologies can make everyone’s life easier.