Firefox Hello, Say Hello to Your Friend

Amazing! Mozilla Firefox 35 browser has done the great job – its feature “Firefox Hello” based on WebRTC supported browsers makes Firefox very appealing. “Firefox Hello” facilitates you to make free video/ voice call directly from the Firefox browser to any place without need of Firefox account; just you need to send a particular URL to your friend via chat, email, message, etc. A person to whom you sent the URL will star calling you back via WebRTC-supported browsers.

To make call, you just need to have latest version of the Firefox browser, a microphone, and a webcam (optional). To whom you are calling should be having WebRTC-supported browser, like; Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.
Let’s see, how you can use this interesting feature,

Make and receive calls via Firefox Hello without creating account (Guest Mode)

First Step:

If you don’t have Mozilla Firefox browser into your system, download & install the Mozilla Firefox 35 browser. Once you installed it into your system, open it, in the right hand side of the toolbar you will see a “Hello” icon.

If, you don’t see the icon on the toolbar, just go through the given below process and place the Hello icon on the toolbar.

Second Step:

To add “Hello” icon on the toolbar, click on the “Menu” that is next to the toolbar and then “Customize” section.

Third Step:

“Additional Tools and Features” window opens on the left hand side of the Menu window, displays the “Hello” icon, just drag & drop the “Hello” icon on the toolbar and close the “Customize” window.

Fourth Step:

Finally, “Hello” icon is displaying on the toolbar, click on it, a small window will appear with blue color “Get Started” button, click on the “Get Started” button.

Fifth Step:

As you click on the “Get Started” button, an another window opens with the URL that you can use for conversation, copy the link directly from this window and send to your friend via email, chat, or messages. Or, click on a blue color button “Start a Conversation”.

Sixth Step:

As you click on a button “Start a Conversation”, one more window opens in the bottom right corner of the browser with two options to send the conversation request,

  • Email Link: Using this option you can send the link via email
  • Copy: Copy the link and send via chat or messenger

Once your friend receives a particular link, he/she can start the conversation by clicking on the link.

Seventh Step:

As your friend clicks on the link to response you back, you will receive a pop-up message to accept or cancel the conversation request. To start the conversation, click on the “Accept” button. During conversation, you’ll be able to see and hear each other.

Eighth Step:

Firefox “Hello” facilitates two types of conversation options; video conversation and audio conversation. Choose any one of them as per you and your conversation partner convenience.
For video conversation choose the video camera and for audio conversation choose the microphone.
To call someone from contact list, simply click the call button next to the contact person name and choose either; video conversation or audio conversation.
If, you choose Video conversation option (requires webcam); you can see and talk to your conversation partner, but if you choose Voice conversation option; you can only make voice call.

The conversation window also provides “privacy controls” option to mute microphone/turn-of camera.
When your conversation gets over with your friend, click on “Exit” button.

“Start a Conversation” Window Features

“Start a Conversation” window provides major features to the users,

Conversation link:

It provides two options – “Copy Link” and “Delete Conversation”.
“Copy Link” facilitates you to copy that particular link and send it to your friend. “Delete Conversation” deletes that conversation link.

Set your Notification:

It shows two notification status – “Available” and “Do Not Disturb”. If, you want to call someone then set the notification status “Available”, and if, you don’t want to call anyone then set the notification status “Do Not Disturb”.

Sign In or Sign Up:

Click on the Sign In button; if you had already created an account, if not, then click on the Sign Up button to create a new user account.

To create a new user account, click on the Sign Up button, “Create a Firefox Account” window opens that request you to give only Email, Password and Year of Birth to create a new user account. After filling all required field, click on the Sign up button.

The Verification link will send to your email, open your email, click on the verification link, the new account has been created for the “Firefox Hello” conversation.

To go back to the Guest Mode, just click on the Settings –> Sign Out.

Settings Section:

Settings section provides four options – Help, Tour, Sign In, and Sign Out.
Help and Tour options assist you in resolving issues related to the “Firefox Hello”.
Sign In & Sign Out options are for account related benefit.

Add and manage your contacts

After creating an account in Firefox Hello, you can easily add and manage your favorite contacts to call them directly from your contact list.
To do so, first click on the “Hello” button, sign In to your account, click on the contact tab to view your contact list, shown in the figure below,

Above figure also shows other options to add and manage the contacts,
New Contact: Click on it to add your favorite contact individually.
Import: Click on it to add your Google contact.
Edit Contact: Click on it to edit your contact.
Block Contact: Click on it to block your contact.
Delete Contact: Click on it to delete your contact.

Important Note

To use this Firefox app, yours system should be having latest version of Firefox installed into it. If your system holds older version of Firefox, then update your Firefox with the latest one.
Mozilla Firefox automatically updates the browser if any update comes, but this you can do manually too.
To do so, go to Menu Bar, click on Help –> About Firefox. The “About Mozilla Firefox” window opens.

The “About Mozilla Firefox” window start checking and downloading updates and up to date your browser with latest one.

Once the download process done, the “About Mozilla Firefox” window will show “Restart to Update” button, click on it to up to date your Firefox browser.

Updated browser will be displayed as shown in the figure below.


Awesome feature provided by Mozilla Firefox that I had never seen earlier. It is very light and user-friendly that everybody can understand and use easily. Till now, we were using Skype or other tools for calling and messaging, but after release of “Firefox Hello”; people no need to download and install any other tool to call their friends.

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