Facebook ‘Say Thanks’ Celebrates Friendship

Now, Facebook has become an awesome resource of communication and fun. Every day, billions of Facebook lovers use Facebook to associate them-self with people and things that matter to them most. In your Facebook friends list – some are from your office, some are from college, school, and university, and some are your relatives and childhood friends. Among all of your friends, some are really special to you; they are with you from when you joined Facebook. You always like to give thanks to your friends who are really special to you, but sometimes you don’t know how to make it possible.

Facebook read your mind experienced your feelings and brought a new app “Say Thanks” to celebrate your friendship with your friends. “Say Thanks” permits you to create personalized video cards for your friends on Facebook.

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Facebook “Say Thanks” facilitates you to create and share unlimited personalized videos. Using this feature, you can easily give thanks (or celebrate your friendship) to your close and old friends, relatives, brothers and sisters, coworkers, etc.


How to Create Say Thanks Videos

To create a “Say Thanks” video for your friend,
visit the Facebook page “www.facebook.com/thanks” and choose your friend from your friend list with whom you want to celebrate your friendship by saying hello.


As you click on your friend’s name; themes and photos will automatically get enabled and also Facebook will present you a preview of the video. You can choose your own theme (e.g. friends, old friends, and family), photos, and posts to add in your video. Also, you can write and share your own messages before sharing your video.


Remember that, you should be having minimum five photos or posts to include in your video. At last, when you are pleased with the video and ready to share with your friend, click on “Share Video” and then “Post Video”.


On the next window, click on the OK button.


Immediately, you and your friend both will receive a notification that helps both of you to watch the video.


Click on that notification, you and your friend both will be able to see the video in the Timeline. Here, also you can give your own comment, share photos and stickers.

fb conclusion


Although, we all know, Facebook is a great social networking site that we all use to make good relationship with coworkers, friends, and relatives, its feature “Say Thanks” gives an opportunity to better the relationship – make your relationship stronger with your friends.

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