Facebook Group, best in terms of privacy

A very remarkable and important product of Facebook that bundles friends together and makes it easier for us to communicate with definite sets of people, like; coworkers, family, friends or relatives. It creates your own communication network (space) where you can easily and successfully collaborate and communicate with others, where you can upload photos & videos and send jokes & messages to other group members. It is like email and Skype group with more social functionalities.

fb group intro

Facebook Group Privacy Features

Facebook Group provides three privacy options, you can choose any one of them to create a group.


Anyone (outsiders) can see the group’s members, description and tags, can find the group through search and can also view the photos, videos, and messages you post via this group.

Closed (by default): Anyone (outsiders) can see the group’s members, description and tags, and can find the group through search, but only group member can see the photos, videos, and messages you post via this group.

Only group members can see each other, group description, tags and posts sent via this group.

How to create a Facebook Group?

First Step:

There are two ways to join a group,

1) Login to Facebook and visit the URL: http://facebook.com/groups. In this page, either you can create your own group or simply you can join the group that has been already created by others.

fb group create group

To join the group that had been already created by others, from the above window click on the “+ Join Group” to send you request.

After some time your request will get approved that you can see in the notification. Click on the notification message and start posting under the group.

fb group approved req

2) After login, visit the Facebook home page. In the home page of the Facebook, there are many icons displayed on the left hand side of the navigation bar, click on the yellow color icon “Create Group”.

Once you click the “Create group”, a pop-up “Create New Group” displays. From “Create New Group” window choose any one privacy option among three (Public, Closed or Secret). By default, Closed privacy option is selected.

fb group types
Second Step:

After choosing the privacy option, mention the group name in the same window, decide the group members and then click on “Create”.

fb group sec step
Third Step:

The next window will ask you to choose the Icon for the group. Either you can choose the icon for a particular group and click on Ok or simply click on “Skip” to avoid this option.

fb group third step
Fourth Step:

Finally, you have created your own group that will display on the left hand side of the navigation bar, click on the group name to see your group page. The group page provides many options that make your page appealing.

fb group fourth step

Facebook Group Features

Share photos

If you have received a trophy/certificate and want to celebrate with someone; Facebook Group is a perfect place for celebration. Instead of sharing photos with everyone, you can share your photos with specific set of people. To share photos with group, just select “Photos” from the top selection bar in your group and upload as how you upload photos on Facebook page. Facebook Group provides two options to upload photos in a Group; “Add a cover photo” and “Photos” separately as can be seen in the snapshot below.

fb group share photos
Change your notifications

You can control all activities by a particular group via Facebook Group Notification. Facebook Group Notification facilitates you to limit the group users by providing options “All Posts” “Friends’ Post” “Off” and “Highlights”. If you are no more interested to accessing a particular group then you can leave the group too. To leave the group, click on Joined –> Leave Group.

fb group share notifi
Share documents or spreadsheets

You can easily simply share college notes, game schedules, or any important files that are required by your group. To do this, in the upper right side of the toolbar, there is an option “Files”, just click on it to either “+ Create Doc” or “+ Upload File”.

fb group share docs
Chat with group member

In a group, you can easily converse with the group members; you can easily send message for any assistance and you get very quick response with resolution. Only thing you have to do is, select the friend from a group and send the message.

fb group conclusion


Facebook Group makes it easy to connect with a specific set or group of people where ideas, experiences, memories, and views can be shared through messages, posts, pictures, and videos. It provides a safe option of privacy, allowing people to share their stuff with only those whom they want to rather than publicly.

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