Effective Google Search Techniques

Today, World Wide Web database is very huge; holds millions – billions of unique websites with different kind of information and in the coming future also; this database won’t get decreased, increase only.
Due to the huge database, the question comes in mind that how to fetch a particular information form the database?
To come out of this issue, developers have developed the search engines. Search engine is also a database (full of web contents) helpful in searching for the particular information. There are many search engines in the internet, among all of them, Google search engine is a popular and powerful one – people use Google search engine many times in a day to retrieve information from web.
In the google search box when you place a search query; sometime it gives good result, but sometime not, bed result comes due to lack of the knowledge of search techniques. If you don’t get proper result first time, search many times using different-different search techniques on the same query, definitely you will get the desire result.
In this post, I have tried to place many useful search techniques will surely helpful in using Google search effectively can enhance your output immediately.

Why to learn search techniques?

Before learning all about search techniques, first it is necessary to know why to learn this?
Although, knowledge is endless, everybody (like; students, professors, researchers, engineers, doctors, writers, etc…) in this world run towards it, many people are very genius then too they run towards it. There are many resources from where you can get the knowledge of your favourite subject, such as; books, magazines, paper, TV, radio, etc, but Google is the best one among all. Google provides effective and desired result in less time and cost. People spend lots of money in finding the correct result, but Google does it in less time and money, the only thing you should know how to use it. Learn all techniques required to retrieve correct information of a particular subject on which you are interested.

Most Useful Search Techniques

1# Simple with fewer words

In Google search bar, type minimum to minimum words that Google database can understand easily and simply, and can retrieve maximum to maximum result from the database, means; minimum words = maximum results. If then too, you don’t get the desired result, increase the words gradually to get the good result.
For example: To know the population of India, if you type in the Google search bar,

  • “How many people live in India” (lengthy one, gives few result)
  • “India population” (Sweet and short, gives good result)


2# Result in the same phrase/order

Google can return result in the same phrase or order who you type in the search box. You just need to surround the whole sentence with quotes.
For example: “two beautiful historical places” will display the same result as how you type for searching. Shown in the figure below,
Without quotes, Google assumes that whole sentence is either separate or together.

3# Search result will be in same order how you type

Google is smart enough to handle all type of search, then too be careful while typing on the Google search bar. During search, avoid typing unnecessary characters, grammatical and spelling mistakes, and disorder words. These all mistakes will only waste your time or nothing.
The serial or order you maintain for typing and searching, in the same order the search result will display.
For example: To get good result of designer sarees, in the search box you have to type “designer sarees” instead of “sarees designer” both makes different sense. Shown in the figure below,
Apart from all mistakes, your search won’t get affected due to spelling mistakes, case sensitive characters (uppercase or lowercase), Punctuation marks (dot, question mark, exclamation mark, comma, colon, semicolon, hyphen, dash, etc…), special characters (plus, minus, brackets, etc…), and common words (where, there, and, how, his/her, this/that). Google is smart enough to reject those words that can cause any issue or can slow down the system.
Choose the correct keyword for a particular query, correct keyword can make your search result more effective.

4# Good for social media

Google is smart enough to handle social network related information and people who belongs to those sites. When you type a particular person name on the Google search bar and hit the search button will display all the links related to that person (social media site links where that person has been registered).
To search for someone special for Google, use all given below techniques,

  • +[profile-name] = Type “+[profile-name]” in the search bar, whereas the “+” sign indicate that you can search for a particular profile in the Google + too. For example: +[Mona]

  •  #[word] = Type “#[word]” in the search bar, whereas the ‘#’ sign searches for hashtags in Google+, Twitter, Facebook and social networks sites. For example: #[Mona]
  • @[person-name] = A command “@[person-name]” searches for social accounts related with a person’s name. For example: [@Mona]

5# Google Site Search

Using Google, you can also get search result of a specific data from specific site, means; Google is also capable to search and retrieve content from a site.
For example; if you want to see all free video converter form the site “http://download.cnet.com/”, just type: site: download.cnet.com “free video converter” in the Google search box and then Google will display all links related to a particular query. Shown in the figure below,

6# Zip code search technique

Using Google, you can also search for Zip codes or data related to Zip code. For US, you can only search for Zip code, but for other countries better to mention country name followed by the zip code in the search box.
For example: [Mumbai, india] / [india, 400029]
Similarly, you can also get sunrise and sunset time of the whole world.
Query for sunrise time: [sunrise place-name] / [sunrise zip-code]
For example: Sunrise time for Mumbai = [sunrise mumbai, india] or [sunrise 400029]
Query for sunset time: [Sunset place-name] / [Sunset zip-code]
For example: Sunset time for Mumbai = [sunset mumbai, india] or [sunset 400029]. Shown in the figure below,

7# Search result with similar meaning and synonyms of a word

Above I have explained, how to get exact search result of a word using Google search box, but here you will get to know how to get search result with similar meaning and synonyms of a word. To do so, use ~ before the word to get search result of the exact given word or the words that has similar meaning.
Query: ~word search for exact word and words related to it.
For Example: HTML ~tutorial will search for tutorial and the words related to it – guide, manual, reference, etc. Shown in the figure below,

8# Search result in between the specific range

Google can also retrieve the specific range of information related to date, price, and measurement; you just have to put two dots (.) in-between dates, prices, and measurements without space.
Query: [firstNumber..secondNumber otherWords]
For example: [apple phone $600..$700], [monitor 20..50 inches], and [book $10..$50]
If, you type [book $10..$50] in the Google search box, resultant will display all books of range in-between $10 to $50. Shown in the figure below,
Lower minimum = When you put two dots after a number.
Higher maximum = When you put two dots before a number.

9# Search result with specific File Type

Using Google, you can retrieve the data in a specific file type format. For that, in the search box, just mention the file type before the keyword (data) you want to retrieve from Google database.
Query: [filetype:type otherWords],
For example: [filetype:pdf HTML tutorial] will only display the of HTLM tutorial PDF. Shown in the figure below,

10# A very good calculator

Generally, we use some conversion websites/software for metric conversions, but Google can also do calculations, unit conversions and money conversions.
Example of calculation: sqrt(30). Shown in the figure below,
Example of unit conversions: “inch in feet” will display inch equal to one feel. Shown in the figure below,
You can also check for the given bellow entities,

  • km in mile
  • kg in pound
  • acre in square feet
  • sec in ms
  • kilobyte in byte

Example of money conversions: “UK in INR” will convert UK British pound in Indian rupees. Shown in the figure below,

11# Google Advanced Search Page

If, it is difficult for you to remember all search techniques, then go to “Google Advanced search page” to make your search simple, easy, and effective. Shown in the given below figure,

12# World Wide weather reporter

Google can also display the weather report of any country and country’s city.
For example: “weather London” will display the weather report of London city. Shown in the given below figure,

13# Match Single or multiple words with the search result

Sometime, while searching, you get confuse that which particular word or entity you should type in the search box to get desired result, then use (*) symbol with a word, symbol (*) tells Google to search for a particular word – it doesn’t matter what phrase you have given to Google search box to search. A word with which the symbol (*) is attached, google will definitely search for that particular word.
Suppose, you want to learn HTML and don’t know which guide (user manual, pdf, or tutorials) you should refer, then simply given symbol (*) with HTML word and then type any phrase with it, Google will definitely search for HTML word.
For example: HTML * learning tutorial. Shown in the given below figure,


All above tips and tricks are very useful while searching information on the Google will save your time, effort and resource, and will also provide you the desired and effective search result. So, experience all above tips and tricks and feel free to convey in case of any confusion.

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